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an industrious young woman.


Subsequent visits :

"Well, hello again, Avatar!"

Initial visit :

"How can I help thee this fine

name :

"I'm Michelle."

"Thou needn't tell me thy name, <Avatar Name>. The Avatar is famous throughout the land!"

job :

"I weave baskets and beehives, just like my father and his father before him."

"My baskets are sold throughout Britannia!" she adds proudly.

buy, bask, bee :

Shop closed :

"Come to my shop when I'm open!"

Shop open :

"Wouldst thou like to buy one of my weavings?"

no-"All right, though I can give thou the best price in the land!"

yes-"Which of you?"

Custom, no plans-"I fear my schedule is packed."

"I have no time to create a basket for which I have no plans."

Custom, have plans

Can't carry-"But it would weigh six stones!"

"Thou couldst not carry such a basket, loaded as thou art."

"Lighten thy load, and then I will weave thee this basket."

Can carry :

"Such a basket would cost 300 gold, in advance. Art thou still interested?"

no-"I do not blame thee. 'Tis a huge undertaking!"

yes, no gold-"Thou hast not enough money for the basket."

"I fear I cannot afford to start such a task on a mere # gold crown(s)."

yes-Your party takes up a collection to pay for the basket.

She begins weaving the huge basket, chatting with you as she works.

"Hast thou found a silk weaver yet?"

yes-"Thou art wise, then. 'Tis a huge bag this will require."

no : "Well, I can see that this will require a huge silk bag."

"I know not where thou might find a silk weaver to craft it!"

She continues weaving the basket.

"I do not mean to pry, but why dost thou need a balloon anyway?"

"I'm afraid I don't understand."

-or- :

"Oh, I see."

She continues weaving the basket.

Time passes...

More time passes...


"It took less time than I had thought it might!"

She gives the basket to <Character Name>, who struggles under its weight.

Buying basket/beehive :

"How many dost thou wish?"

"Those <Item Name> cost #1 gold apiece."

"How many dost thou wish?"

Too heavy for all :

"Thou canst not carry that many!"

"I will sell thee just # <Item Name>(s)."

Too heavy for any :

"But thou canst not carry any <Item Name>(s)!"

Not enough gold for all :

"Thou hast not enough gold for that many!"

"I will sell thee just # <Item Name>(s)."

Not enough gold for any :

"But thou canst not afford any <Item Name>s!"

Purchased :

Michelle takes <Character Name>'s money and hands over the <Item Name>(s>.

"I appreciate thy business."

"Is there aught else thou wouldst buy?"

no-"Perhaps some other time."

yes-"Enjoy thy <Item Name>"

"These baskets are sturdy and decorative."

"Thou'lt find no better in all Britannia for the price, a mere # gold."

"If thou hast need of beehives, these woven ones are the best thou'lt find!"*

"And cheap, too, at # apiece."

sell :

"I have all I need, and have no reason to purchase anything more."

"But I appreciate thy offer."

fath,ball :

"Father once told me a story of weaving a basket large enough for eight people!"

"He never showed me the plans, though."

plan :

Shop closed :

"Ask when I'm open for business!"

Shop open :

No plans :

"Yes, without accurate plans it takes far too much time to craft a basket."

Have plans :

"Then it was true! Father did weave a basket that big!"

"Surely I could do the same."

She studies the plans for a moment.

bye :

"Farewell! I hope I've aided thy quest!"

other :

"Beg pardon?"