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a little girl with a doll in her hands.


Initial visit :

"Now you be still, they won't hurt us." She hugs her doll close.

Subsequent visits :

"See, Becky, they've come back." she says to her doll.

"What do you want?"

name :

"Merideth Cassandra Lamby!"

meri,cass,lamb :

"I'm named after my great aunt."

grea,aunt :

"She lives far away."

job :

"Oh, I don't work. My Memah can help you though."

mema :

"My grandma. She's around here somewhere."

timo :

"He's a nice man. He got me this doll." She displays it proudly.

shor,mort :

"He put a rope in a tree for me to swing on."

mari :

"She's a mean woman. Never plays dolls or nothin'."

arbe :

"He is my secret friend. He tells me stories."

gris :

"I think he is a ghost. He's scary." She hugs her doll.

hend :

"She wrinkles up her face. "He doesn't smell too good."

uber :

"He brings my Memah flowers sometimes."

bye :

"She waves her dolls hand at you and says "Bye."

other : "Have you heard of that Becky?" she says to her doll.