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a swarthy blacksmith.


Subsequent visits :

"Hey, it'sa the Avatar. Hello again."

Initial visit :

"Hey, and a good

"What'sa you wanta nexta?"

buy :

"Do you wanta weapons or armor?"

weap,armo :

Shop closed :

"You to my shopa when shesa open!"

Shop open :

"Awhich a you?"

"Awhicha one adese?"

"That <Item Name>, she'sa costa # agold."

"Interested, <Character Name>?"

yes, full-"But she'sa be making thee too heavy, <Character Name>!"

yes-"Hey, at'sa good!"

After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the <Item Name>.

yes, no gold-"But she'sa costing too much for you, <Character Name>!"


sell :

Shop closed :

"You to my shopa when shesa open!"

Have nothing to sell :

"Hey, atsa real shame, but anone of you hasa anything I'ma needing."

Have something to sell :

"Aye, <Character Name> has asomething ofa interesta..."

"Awhich of you?"

"Awhicha one adese?"

"Will you take # gold for that <Item Name>, <Character Name>?"

no, Avatar-"Perhapsa some other atime athen."

no, party member-"Perhaps asomethinga else athen?"

yes-"She'sa done!" <NPC Name> hands <Character Name> # gold pieces and takes the <Item Name>.

No character/Item selected :

"Achanged your aminda, eh?"

job :

"Whassamattayu, you blind or somethin'?"

"I makea de swords and stuff, what's it alook like I'ma doin' here?"

"You gotta somethin' to sell oda somethin' you wanna buy?"

name :

"I'ma nameda Max."

bye :

"Goodbyea to you. Come abacka soon, ah?"

other :

"Hey, my hearing, she's notsa so good. What you say?"