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a jolly, red-faced innkeeper.


"Vell, hello again/dere, mine friend! Velcome to the Varrior's Stead!"

"Vat can I be doing for thee this

name :

"Mine name ist Martin, but my friends call me 'Dutch.'"

dutc :

"Ja, dat's mine name!"

job :

"I run dis inn."

rest,inn,room :

Room und board ist 5 gold per night per person."


no-"Vell, perhaps some other time, ja?"

yes, no gold-"Ach, I'm sorry, but I must haf my # gold."

"Come back ven fortune makes you rich, ah?"

yes-He shows you to your room, and you drift off into a well-earned sleep.

The next morning, Martin serves you a huge, tasty breakfast.

"A good breakfast is the beginning of a good day!" he cries.

bye :

"Haf a good journey!" he calls as you leave.

other :

I speak your language not so good. Vat is meaning '<Last Input>'