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a rather plump woman with darting eyes.


Initial visit :

"Hello. How are you this

Subsequent visits :

Hello again. Are you well <Time of Day>?"

"What is it you need?"

name :


mart :

"It is a plain name, but I must live with it."

job :

"Oh dear, my husband runs the inn. I tend my garden."

gard :

"You've not seen it? I have the loveliest roses."

rose :

"Red as the evening sun on the sea."

yorl :

"He's a messy person - and smelly too."

dela,marn :

"My dear little one? She is an angel - well minded, kind, thoughtful."

"She's a dear."

garg :

"Nasty creatures, or so I hear. Can stomp a garden to pieces in minutes."

gide :

"My husband talks a bit too much, but I love him."

haun :

"I want to move from this house as soon as we can."

deza :

"I cut myself one time in the garden. She healed it."

hora :

"Another strange man. We have so many here."

mich :

"He never comes into town."

ghos :

"It was the scariest thing I ever saw! I'm sure it's still lurking about somewhere..."

bye :


other :

"You will have to ask another that."