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a finely adorned woman with a tight mouth and wide eyes.


Subsequent visits :

"Hello again."

Initial visit :

"Hello." She bows formally.

At pub :

She bows stiffly. "I'm sorry, good madam/sir, but my shop is closed for now."

"See me some other time, when I am available for business."

name :

"Marissa. You may call me '@Miss Trihune."

miss,trih :

"Yes, that is much better."

buy,tuni,dres,pant,clot :

"Which of you?"

No character selected :

"Suit yourself," she sniffs, offended.

Character selected :

1. Tunic

2. Dress

3. Pants

"Which one?"

"It'll cost you 1 gold for that <Item Name>. Interested?"

yes, full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes-"Excellent!" After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the <Item Name>.

yes, no gold-<NPC Name> looks at <Character Name>. "How rude! Don't ask for something you can't pay for!"

no-"Suit yourself," she sniffs, offended.

sell :

No cloth for sale :

"Sorry, none of you has anything of interest."

"Which of you?"

No character selected :

"Just as well. That cloth is rather shabby..."

Character has no cloth :

"I don't see any cloth, other than what you're wearing!"

Have cloth :

<NPC Name> turns to <Character Name> and asks "Will you take 20 gold for that cloth?"

yes-"Done!" She hands <Character Name> 20 gold pieces and takes the cloth.

no-"Just as well. That cloth is rather shabby..."

silk :

"Yes, I can work with silk. But 'tis out of fashion..."

"Nobody wears silk clothes this season."

arbe :

"Oh, he's a threadmaker who lives here in town."

"Silly little man, but a fine spinner."

"I get all my thread straight from him. No other source would do."

bolt :

"Yes, that silly Arbeth person can spin spidersilk into thread."

"Charlotte, from New Magincia, weaves thread into silk cloth."

"Bring me a bolt of her finest silk cloth, and then I can sew you a silk bag."

ball,mamm,bag,plan :

"Oh, I understand. A large silk bag."

"Well, 'tis hardly a challenge for one of my skills. But, since it is important, I'll do it."

If no plans :

"But I'll need to see the plans."

If no silk :

"But I'll need a bolt of silk to do it, of course."

If have silk and plans :

"But it will cost you 75 gold. Alright?"

yes, but no gold-"Come back when you have the gold, <Character Name>."

yes-She takes the silk cloth and begins to work, following the balloon plans.

She works in silence, intent on her sewing.

After a while, she completes the silk bag.

"There, 'tis done!" she cries, handing you the bag.

no-"Very well," she sniffs, offended.

job :

"I create garments of the highest fashion."

high,fash :

"Clothes fit to see the King in."

bye :

"Yes, well, come see me again." She yawns widely.

other :

"Hmph! I am not a gossip, <Gender>."

-or- :

"'Tis not my place to speak of that..."