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a freckled young lady with an enchanting smile.


Answered question :


Not answered question :

"I'm sorry to put you to the trouble, but I'm only supposed to help those who know the ways of magic."

"So I have to ask you a question to test you..."

"What does the magic syllable 'Zu' mean?"

"What does the magic syllable 'Quas' mean?"

"What does the magic syllable 'Hur' mean?"

"What does the magic syllable 'Jux' mean?"

"What does the magic syllable 'Ort' mean?"

Wrong answer :

"No, that's not it. Haven't you a Compendium of knowledge to draw on?"

"I'd suggest you find a Compendium to study, then come talk to me again."

Correct Answer :

"That's right! Now then, what can I help you with?"

name :

"They call me Mariah."

job :

"I'm the newest member of the Council of Wizards. Somebody has to keep things running smoothly."

"In my spare time I use the @library to pursue my own studies."

coun,wiza :

"They get so caught up in their work sometimes that they forget even to eat and sleep!"

eat,slee :

"Such things matter little to them. They often dwell apart from the realm of the senses."

dwel,apar,real,sens :

"Aye, indeed."

libr,stud :

"'Tis the finest library in all Britannia."

"I study many different things, but I find learning old languages the most interesting."

"One can learn so much about how our own language developed!"

book :

Don't have book :

"Nystul sent word to me that thou hast a book written in a strange tongue."

"I'd not mind looking at it for thee..."

"But I'd find the task much easier if thou wouldst bring it here!"

Have book, no tablet :

"I'd be glad to look at it for thee." She examines the book.

"Oh! I've seen this script before!"

"I have part of an ancient silver tablet in my study with writing both in our language and this."

"I have learned only a little from studying it, but I can make out a few words."

"The title is 'The Book of Prophecies,' and it says something about 'the end of our world.'"

"If only I had the other half of the tablet, perhaps I'd be able to decipher the rest of the book."

Have book, no tablet, subsequent times :

"I must have both halves of the tablet before I can tell you any more."

"This piece I have had for quite some time, and I've learned all I can from it."

Have book and tablet :

"With both pieces of the tablet, I should be able to work out a translation."

She studies the tablet for a while, and then starts reading, haltingly, from the book.

An ancient prophecy tells of the final days, when the end of our world shall come.

Three signs will precede the end.

Thrice shall a being of great evil come unto our land, and by this it shall be known that the end is nigh.

This evil one is of another race, who consider the evil one a great prophet.

Yet this false prophet follows not the principles of Control, Passion and Diligence.

One day the false prophet will come and desecrate our most holy shrine.

And the false prophet will steal our most holy artifact, the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

This shall be the first sign of the end.

Then, it is written, the false prophet shall descend deep into the bowels of the earth.

And the false prophet will cause the underworld to collapse.

This will cause great earthquakes to tear our world asunder, and there will be a time of plague and famine.*

This shall be the second sign of the end.

One last time shall the false prophet come.

This time, the false prophet will come with a band of warriors.

And they will destroy all that remains of the gargoyle race.

There is only one way that this prophecy may be averted:

That is by the sacrifice of the false prophet.

Mariah pauses for a while, deep in thought.

"When they refer to 'the false prophet,' they must mean you." she says.

"It would seem that they have reason to think you evil, from their perspective."

"This is a difficult matter to resolve. I think you'd better seek out more information."

"There's a gargoyle named Sin'Vraal living out in the desert. He speaks our language."

"Perhaps he could tell you more about this book, and of how the gargoyles view us."

half,tabl,anci,silv,deci :

Do not have Hawkin's tablet :

"I got my piece of the tablet from some gypsies whom I met at a pub."

"Mayhap they can tell thee where to look for the other piece."

"Bring both pieces of the tablet here and I will tell thee what I can."

Have Hawkin's tablet :

"Ah, thou hast found the rest of the tablet! Go get the other half from my study and bring it here."

"With the two of them together I should be able to tell you more."

bye :

"Fare thee well."

other :

"I cannot help thee with that."