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a charming fellow with a peacock feather in his cap.


initial visit :

"Welcome, welcome! 'Tis always a pleasure to see a new face."

"My name is Mandrake. And what may I call thee?"

"A pleasure, to be sure, <Given Name>. I hope I'll be seeing a lot more of you." He gives you a sly wink.

"Well met, sirrah!"

"You look like the sort who knows how to enjoy a good story."

subsequent visits :

"<Avatar Name>! It's been too long. What brings you to this part of the realm?"

"Well, never mind that for the moment. Let me sing thee a song!"

name :

"Mandrake, my friend, Mandrake. Like the root, but taller, handsomer, and louder."

root :

"It grows in swamps, but I'm found mostly in taverns."

tall,hand,loud :

"So I've heard."

tave :

"I visit them all."

"The Fallen Virgin and the Sword and Keg are rowdy and rough."

"The Blue Bottle serves Frasier's Folly - the finest ale in all Britannia."

"But the Cat's Lair is still my favorite."

fras,foll :

"You should try some! 'Twill do thee a world of good."

fall,virg :

"'Tis in Buccaneer's Den - no place for the timid."

bucc,den :

"If thou knowest not where it is, I'll not be the one to say."

swor,keg :

"Over in Jhelom, it is. They always love a good brawl."

braw,jhel :

"Lots of warriors there."

"They fight just about every night, but they don't mean anything by it. 'Tis all in fun."

blue,bott :

"'Tis in Moonglow."

"Derydlus often drinks there - the man can put away more ale than any other I've met."

"Many's the time he's drunk me under the table."

moon :

"Too honest a town to be much fun, but some fine people live there."

"You should have Penumbra tell your fortune sometime."

dery :

"Give him my regards if you see him."

penu :

"I hear she has strange powers."

stra,powe :

"Yes, the gift of prophecy."

gift,prop :

"So I hear."

cat,lair :

"A wonderful place! Dr. Cat gives me free drinks just for singing."

"He loves games of all kinds too. Mention my name to him and he'll be sure to treat thee well."

job :

"I travel all over to spread important @news throughout the realm - and tales and songs as well."

"If you have time enough, I'll favor you with all three."

trav,impo,news :

"My travels were interrupted recently in a most fearsome manner."

"I was captured by the gargoyles, and taken down to the other side of the world, where they held me prisoner."

"But such was my good fortune that one of them helped me to escape."

"He spoke but little of our tongue, but I believe he said his name was 'Beh Lem.'"

garg :

"I've seen their handiwork many a time in my travels."

"I believe they have taken over all of the shrines of the eight virtues."

eigh,virt :

"Oh, you know: honesty, compassion, valour, justice, sacrifice, honor, spirituality, and humility."

"That's what you get for choosing such stuffy principles as a basis."

stuf,prin :

"Truth, love and courage... hah!"

"If it had been up to me, I'd have chosen wine, women and song instead."

"Think of the virtues those would lead to!"

wine,wome,lead,thin :

"I've thought it over..."

"The principles of wine, women and song would lead to the eight virtues of

drunkenness, sensuality, harmony, lust, laziness, dance, indulgence, and happiness."

"Now there would be the foundation for a fine world to live in!"

sing,song :

"Would you care to donate a coin or two?"

no-"As you wish."

yes-How much do you give him?

Too much-You don't have that much.

Have enough-"Thank you kindly."

"Ok, here we go!"

"The dragon is a scaly sort

Who spouts flame when he sneezes.

Many a bold knight has he fought,

For he goes where e'er he pleases."

"Mister Porcupine's naught but spines,

To the dismay of him and his missus.

For that for which he truly pines

Is one of her sweet kisses."

"A gypsy girl and a butterfly

Were out in the woods at play

And when I saw them I said 'Oh my!

What a perfect sunny day!'"

tale,stor :

"Perhaps my stories would be worth a few coins?"

no-"As you wish."

yes-How much do you give him?

Not Enough-You don't have that much.

Have enough-"You're too kind."

Mandrake tells you tales for quite a while, yet listening to them you lose track of time.

He tells you of ships sailing off the edge of the world, of earthquakes, and mad wizards, and fierce battles.

He speaks of spells that halt the flow of time, a man who found a way to fly, and the strange secret of the wisps.

He tells you that there are two bands of gypsies who travel the King's Way, who are often mistaken for each other.

He speaks of the pirate ship Empire, which was much dreaded in its day, and of the giant ants that can be found in the Dry Land.

Your head is filled with wondrous visions.

But finally

If Dupre in party :

he notices that Dupre has begun to doze off, and decides to bring his tales to an end.

If Dupre not in party :

his tales come to an end.

bye :

"Leaving so soon, <Given Name>? And I was enjoying your company so." He bows and kisses your hand.

"Well, <Avatar Name>, I'm glad you stopped by to chat with me. We must do it again sometime."

"I'll be glad to play another song for you when next we meet."

other :

"I'll tell you of that later, perhaps."

-or- :

"Oh, why bother with such a boring subject? How about a song instead?"

"I sing better if I keep my belly full, and my wineskin as well."

other :

"Maybe I can talk to you about that after I get out of these stocks."