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a huge female cyclops.


Subsequent visits :

"You come back! Play with tiny one?"

yes-"Good, he need tiny friends!"

no-"But he need tiny friends! He get lonely!"

Initial visit :

"Oh, you cute! You funny-looking like tiny one!"

name :

"Me cyclops."

"Tiny one say me 'Mama.'"

tiny,one :

"Male find him on shore."

"One-eye little one die long ago."

"Two-eye little one just as good!"

job :

"Live here! Cook, hunt!"

cell :

"Cellar no go. Deep deep deep. Locked."

vort :

"What look like?"

cube :

"What color?"

blac :

"Oh, me seen that! Big black block!"

lock,key :

"Talk male. He have key."

bloc :

"Male keep that in cellar."

bye :

"Come back soon, play with tiny one more!"

other :

"What mean <Last Input>?"