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a bare chested, muscular man, his body gleaming with sweat.


Initial visit :

"Excuse me a moment." He pulls a napkin from his belt and mops at his brow. "Now, what were you saying?"

"Wait a minute," he interrupts, "I recognize you... You're the Avatar! I've always wanted to meet you."

female :

From the day I first saw your portrait, I knew you must be the most beautiful woman in all Britannia."

male :

You're the greatest hero in all the land."

Subsequent visits :

female :

"Oh, <Gender> Avatar, 'tis an unexpected pleasure to see you again!"

male :

"Hey, my old buddy <Avatar Name>! Good to see you again."

name :

"Maldric, I am. Once Maldric the boar hunter, now Maldric the cook."

once,boar,hunt :

"Aye, I used to live in the forest and hunt wild boars."

"But one day I presented a roast boar as a gift to his majesty, and he liked it so much he hired me as his cook."

maje :

"Yes, Lord British himself."

fore :

"Those were good times. But I'm happy here."

pres,gift,roas,like :

"The secret is in the spices. It's an old family recipe."

secr,fami,reci :

"I'll never tell.


Though for one so sweet, I must say I'm tempted."

job :

"I cook for all those who live in the castle, and for any guests who dine with Lord British as well."

"'Tis sastisfying work, yet at times I wish I could travel with one such as you..."

gues,dine :

"Lord British has many friends."

cast :

"A fancier home than any of my family ever lived in. Yet I still miss my simple hut in the forest."

If female :

"I wish it were still there, so I could invite you to come spend an evening by the fireplace with me...

spen,even,fire,invi :

"There's fire enough in my kitchen, but 'tis no place for romance."

kitc,plac,roma,trav,wish,join,warr :

"I shouldn't even speak of such things."

"After all, you are the Avatar, and I but a lowly cook. Please forgive me."

lord,brit :

"He's a good man. Likes plenty of pepper in his stew."

pepp,stew :

"Spice puts some variety in life, is what I always say."

spic :

If female :

"You're a pretty spicy little number yourself!"

spic,vari,life,frie,hear,adve,peop,happ :

"Yes indeed."

avat :

"I've heard about all of your adventures. I wish I were a warrior too, and not just a cook!"

cook :

"I like having a job where I can make people happy."

bye :

"See you later. And next time you dine with his majesty, I'll cook you something special."

If female :

He seems about to say more, with a hopeful look in his eyes.

But then he turns away without speaking.

other :

"Funny you should mention that... It reminds me of my secret recipe for roast boar."