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a girl of perhaps twelve years.


She is agile, and balances trays of mugs deftly on each hand.

It is a wonder how she can duck the hurled debris and avoid the flying fists.

She is quick, and never spills a drop of ale.

"Hallo, <Gender>. Welcome to the 'Sword and Keg.'"

swor,keg,drin,orde :

"Sometimes 'tis rough here but I doesn't mind."

"Some day I'll be a fighter, ye know."

name :

"It's Lyssandra, but ye can call me Andy."

Andy :

"I know 'tis a boy's name, but I like it all the same."

job,mug :

"I take orders for drinks, <Gender>."

figh,braw :

"The fighting here usually begins over--"

Her voice drops to a whisper, "--the rat!"

"Around sunset things get really rowdy here!"

rat,mous :

"Shhh!" She glances about to see if you have been overheard.

"See yon hole in the north wall?"

"Look carefully at where floor and wall meet."

"That's where it took the rune!"

"They tried all manner of tricks to get it out but they all failed."

"I had an idea, but nobody listened to me."

idea,list :

"Do ye know of the talking mouse? Lord British's friend?"

no-"Well, ye would think it was a dumb idea anyways..."

yes-"A mouse could get the rune, of that I'm sure!"

rune :

"I know how to get it from the you-know-what."

what,you,how :

"The rat," she whispers conspiratorially to you.

mant :

"Culham has oft sung of it, with Jerris and Starhelm."

Star :

"His real name is Stelnar."

"He would be much nicer if he were not so angry all the time."

Jerr :

"He is brave when fighting, but he is afraid to sing by himself."

bye :

"Bye-bye, <Gender>. It was nice talking to you."

other :

"I cannot help ye with that."