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a tall, willowy woman with long blond hair.


Subsequent visits :

"Well, hello again, Avatar!"

Initial visit :

"How can I help thee this fine

name :

"I'm Lynn."

"Thou needn't tell me thy name, <Avatar Name>. The Avatar is famous throughout the land!"

job :

"I am a fletcher."

"I make arrows and bolts for the armies of Lord British himself!"

buy,arro,bolt :

Shop closed :

"Come to my shop when I'm open!"

Shop open :

"Which of you?"

1) Arrows

2) Crossbow Bolts

"Which item?"

No character/item selected :

"Beg pardon, <Gender>?"

Item selected :

"I sell <Item Name>s only by the dozen."

"How many dozens?"

Partially full :

"Thou canst not carry that many!"

"I will sell thee just # dozen <Item Name>s."

Completely full :

"But thou canst not carry any <Item Name>s!"

Partial gold :

"Thou hast not enough gold for that many!"

"I will sell thee just # dozen <Item Name>s."

No gold :

"But thou canst not afford any <Item Name>s!"

Enough gold/space :

Lynn takes <Character Name>'s money and hands over the <Item Name>s.

"I appreciate thy business."

"Is there aught else thou wouldst buy?"

no, no purchase-"Perhaps some other time."

no, made purchase-"Enjoy thy <Item Name>s."

sell :

"I have all I need, and have no reason to purchase anything more."

"But I appreciate thy offer."

bye :

"Farewell! I hope I've aided thy quest!"

other :

"Beg pardon?"