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a tall and dashing gentleman.


He greets you with an elaborate bow and flourish. "Good

"'Ave you come to moi for instruction?"

no-"You 'ave but to ask, mah friend."

yes-Loubet hands you a foil and a mask of golden mesh.

He shows you the correct stance, then you spar for a bit.

"Now ze off hand, <Gender>... Mon dieu, you are (how you say it?) ambidextrous! Very good, mah friend."

M'sieur Loubet is a skilled teacher, and you feel like you've really learned something.

prac,ask,less :

If already sparred :

"But no! You are too skilled, I 'ave nothing more to teach you!"

if not at training hall :

"Practice? Here? Surely you jest!"

"No, come to ma salle sometime, zen we will spar, yes?"

fenc,inst :

"Oui, I teach ze fencing here in my salle, my school."

"Is very difficult sometimes. Most fighters, zey have no subtlety, no finesse."

He turns up his nose and sniffs aristocratically.

If sparred :

"Zey are not like you, mah friend! You are most talented!"

If not sparred :

"But you, you look much better than that, my friend."

"(Just ask/Come to ma salle sometime) and I'll give you a lesson!"

name :

"I am M'sieur Loubet"

"Touche!" He wields his foil casually, lunging at an imaginary target.

If previously asked name :

"But you already know who I am, silly person!"

If not previously asked name :

"Much pleased to meet you, madame/m'sieur"

touc :

"Zat simply means 'touch.' In fencing we score by touching ze opponent with ze foil tip."

foil,tip,scor :

"Zey are blunt on ze end, see?"

"Ze first third of ze blade (near ze 'andle) is 'forte'--strong. It is good to parry with zis part of ze sword."

"Ze rest of ze blade is 'foible'--weak and flexible."

"Ze foil, she is a very delicate thing. There must be much skill, yes?"

"You must 'old ze sword like a living bird:"

"Too loose and she flies away. Too tight and she smothers. Just right, and..."

"She sings very sweet!" He strikes metal and the foil makes a pleasant ringing noise.

nois,plea,ring,hear :


job :

"I am ze fencing instructor."

bye,au r :

"Au revoir!"

other :

"I cannot 'elp you with zat."