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a rugged looking lady farmer.


Initial visit :

"Welcome, friend."

name :

"My name is Linda."

job :

"I raise crops. If you'd like to buy some grain, just say the word."

rais,crop :

"Bread, cakes, pies, pastries... They all have their roots here."

brea,cake,pie,past :

"Woman does not live on meat alone."

meat :

"Cows and sheep are much more trouble to raise than wheat."

cow,shee :

"They have their place. But not on my farm."

root,rais,whea,farm :

"I was born to work the earth. It was either this, or be a gravedigger..."

grav :

"That's not my kind of work."

woma :

"Yes, men need to eat too, I suppose."

word :

"The word 'grain,' silly!"

buy,grai :

"Which of you?"

"It'll cost you 2 gold for a sack of grain. Interested?"

yes-"Here you go."

yes, but full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes, but no gold-"Best check your coinpouch again."


bye :

"May the sun shine on you, and the rain bring you nourishment."

other :

"I don't know. I guess so."