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a smartly dressed woman. Her smile has a delightful subtlety to it.


If in party :

"Yes, <Avatar Name>?"

If brawling :

You fail to get her attention in the midst of the brawl.

Subsequent visits :

Her face lights up as she recognizes you. "Hello again, <Avatar Name>!"

Initial visit :

"Oh, you must be <Avatar Name>, the famous Avatar! 'Tis an honor to meet thee."

name :

"My name is Leonna."

job :

"I used to captain my own ship."

"But I fell on hard times, and now I sail with Leodon on the Hind."

hind,ship,sail :

"A fine old vessel, the Golden Hind."

"Alas, I have little to do while she's being repaired."

litt,repa,join :

If in party :

"I'd be glad to join you--but I have already!"

Not in party :

"Could I join your party, perhaps?"

no-"Okay. I guess I'll just stay here for now."

yes, in boat-"Not while you're in that thing!"

yes, party full-"You have enough traveling with you already."

"But if you ask one of them to leave first, I'd be happy to join you."

yes-"Oh good! I bet we'll meet a lot of interesting men..."

leav :

Not in party :

"I'd have to join you before I could leave, silly!"

In boat :

"Let's get our feet back on solid ground first, okay?"

Leaves party :

"Okay. I'll go wait back at the Fallen Virgin."

"You're more likely to need this equipment than I am."

She sets down everything she was carrying before walking off.

leod :

"There's none I'd rather ship out with."

capt :

If not at bar :

"Captain who? I know lots of Captains..."

If at bar :

When you say 'Captain,' all the pirates at the table turn to you expectantly.

When they realize you weren't talking to them, they return to their business.

john :

"Captain John is a madman!"

"He went down in Hythloth seeking a way to the other side of the world."

"Said he was going to kill as many gargoyles as he could before they got him."

If Captain Fox present :

"That's not true!" says Captain Fox. "I can tell you what really happened."

garg :

"Please, let's not talk about them."

bye :

"Talk to you later."

other :

I can't help you with that."