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a woman with a slightly seaworn look, but delicate hands.


If in party :

"Yes, <Avatar Name>?"

If brawling :

"Not now, <Gender>!" She ducks a punch. "I'm busy!"

Initial visit :

"A good

name :

"I'm Captain Leodon."

job :

"I'm captain of the Golden Hind."

"She's the finest ship I've ever had the pleasure of sailing 'cross the briny deep."

fine,ship,sail,brin,deep,gold,hind,plea :

"Life on the sea is the only life for me."

"Alas, the Hind needs serious repairs just now."

need,seri,repa :

"Yes, I must keep myself occupied on land, meantime."

"Perhaps I could join thy party for a time."

occu,land,join,part :

If in party :

"I'd be glad to join you--but I have already!"

If not in party :

"The Golden Hind won't be repaired for months, at the soonest."

"Traveling with you would likely prove interesting."

"Would you like me to come along?"

no-"Okay. I'll be here if you change your mind."

yes, in boat-"Not while you're in that thing!"

yes, party full-"You have enough travelling with you already."

"But if you ask one of them to leave first, I'd be happy to join you."

yes, joins party-"Very well. This should make a nice change from my usual routine."

"You might ask Leonna if she would like to join us as well."

leav :

If in party :

"I'd have to join you before I could leave, silly!"

If in boat :

"Let's get our feet back on solid ground first, okay?"

If leaves :

"Okay. I think I'll head back to the Fallen Virgin, then."

"Here's all the equipment I was carrying, if you need it."

life,sea :

"Ah, the sea. 'Tis as vast as a thousand dreams."

vast,thou,drea :


capt :

If not at bar :

"You wouldn't be talking about Captain John, would you?"

If at bar :

"When you say 'Captain,' all the pirates at the table turn to you expectantly.

When they realize you weren't talking to them, they return to their business.

leon :

"Aye, Leonna is the best first mate I've ever had."

Leonna present :

Leonna blushes and looks away, embarassed.

"Comes from being a captain once herself, you know."

john :

"That scallawag?"

"He went down to the other side of the world to join up with the gargoyles, the dirty traitor..."

If Captain Elad present :

The tea-drinker interrupts. "No, no, you've got it all wrong!"

"I can tell you the truth about Captain John!"

garg :

"Vile creatures, they are."

"One of them attacked my ship once. He flew off with a ham before anyone could stop him."

vile,crea,ham :

"Yes, he stole my ham, and I dined on biscuits that night."

dine,bisc :

"That's right."

bye :

If in party :

"Back to our quest, eh <Gender>?"

If not in party :

"Drop by again next time you're in town."

other :

"I can't help you with that."