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a very old gargoyle.


Not learned Gargish, not submitted :

The gargoyle gasps in terror and wheezes, "An-bal-sil-fer!"

Then he faints dead away!

Learned Gargish, not submitted :

The gargoyle gasps in terror and wheezes, "The False Prophet!"

Then he faints dead away!

Learned Gargish, submitted :

Initial visit :

The venerable gargoyle peers at you.

"Greetings, False Prophet."

"To have been told by Naxatilor, long ago, that the you would one day come to me, wearing the Amulet of Submission."

"To never have believed it would come to pass."

"To ask what service I can perform?"

Subsequent visits :

"To ask how again I may help you?"

If tasked to retrieve broken Gargoyle lens :

"To wonder why you have not brought back the broken lens?!"

"To have already told you that I need it in order to craft a new one!"

"To ask what you think I can do without it?"

vort,lens :

"To remember little from so long ago," the gargoyle croaks.

"To require the pieces of the lens in order to make a new copy."

name :

"To lack a name, of course."

"But to be called Lor-wis-lem, the scholar of light, by many learned gargoyles."

As he says this, the ancient gargoyle beams with pride.

job :

"To craft the finest lenses in the land," the gargoyle says proudly.

"Also to teach my young apprentices not to cut themselves on the glass!"

teac,youn,appr :

"To be nearing the end of my time."

"To have one last sacred duty:"

"To pass on my skill to the next generation."

end,time :

"To be over a thousand years old."

"To seem a mere youth compared to Naxatilor, however."

naxa :

"To have helped Naxatilor create the Vortex Lens, centuries ago."

"To have found him venerable and ancient even then!"

bye :

"To be honored to have helped you, False Prophet."

other :

To be old. To suggest you ask that of others."

If have broken Gargoyle lens :

"To see the shattered Vortex Lens you carry."

"To remember making it, so very long ago."

Taking the shards of glass, the lensmaker turns to his grinding table.

In a short while, he has crafted a new Vortex Lens!

"To have far greater skill now than when first I made this lens," he says smugly.

"To require little time to repair it."

He hands you the restored Vortex Lens.