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a tall, stern woman, with graying red hair and a perpetual scowl.


If angered Lenora :

"Well, Avatar. I graciously grant thee another interview."

"I certainly hope thou wilt be more respectful this time."

Subsequent visits :

"Welcome again, worthy Avatar, to my hall.

Initial visit :

"Welcome, worthy Avatar, to the Hall of Justice."

"How may we assist thee in thy quest?"

name :

"I am Lenora, Lady Mayor of Yew."

job :

"It is my honor to preside over this town and its courts."

"We also provide the finest wood in the realm."

wood,log :

"Go ask Ben the logger."

"Head west from here into the forest until you can go no further."

"Then look for a way through the trees to the north."

cour :

"In Yew we take pride in our system of justice."

just :

"Indeed, the Rune of Justice itself was sent here for safekeeping."

rune :

"A thief stole the rune from the grave of our most respected resident, the former Lord Mayor."

"Even though the thief was caught, we have not yet found the rune."

thie,caug,wher :

"The thief is in the jail, awaiting the carriage of justice."

mant :

"'Tis most strange, Avatar, that thou knowest not the Mantra of Justice."

"How can that be?"

No answer :

"Thou may return when thou seest fit to answer my question!"

Any other answer :

"Hmmm...well, no matter," she says suspiciously.

"I suppose 'twould be improper to deny anything the Avatar requires."

"The Mantra of Justice is 'beh.'"

lett,perm :

"A letter of permission?"

"Dost thou truly need to speak with that reprehensible thief?"

yes-"Very well then." Putting quill to parchment, she drafts a quick letter.

"The jailer will now let you in, or verily shall he answer to me!"

no-"Then why dost thou waste my time with frivolous requests?!"

"Begone, Avatar, and return when thou hast more serious business on thy mind!"

rele,deal,let,free,trad,swap,allo,go,out :

"What, free the thief in return for the rune? Never!"

"To do so would betray everything the rune itself stands for!"

"Better to leave it lost."

kid,chil,fami,feed :

"What? What stories has that thief been telling you?"

"He has no family--he's just a drifter!"

"Don't be taken in by his lies."

lie :

"Tell him he's not fooling anyone."

ench,nico :

"Nicodemus the enchanter lives near here. His house lies between two rivers."

bye :

"May you find that which thou deservest on thy quest."

other :

"Noble Avatar, the affairs of state weigh heavily upon my time. Pray be precise in thy questioning."

-or- :

"Noble Avatar, we hardly have time to chat about <Last Input> in view of the perils facing our land!"

bye :

"Hmpf! Well, mayhap 'twould be best for you to seek such wisdom elsewhere!"