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a sad lady with hair down to her ankles.

A soft jingling accompanies her silent walk.

Rather than talking, she sings in a voice like wind through reeds.

"Hail, there, <Gender>; come listen to me. I've plenty of time to sing unto thee."

name :

"Lazeena they call me, Lazeena the Dove."

"From Cove I did come, 'tis a town full of love."

sing,job,love,dove :

"'Tis the aim of my life to sing like a bird."

"Wouldst thou like to hear the news I've heard?"

yes-"Then tell me what would please thee more: a song of the sea or a rhyme of the shore?"

no-"To be of more help, I wish I knew just what this little bird could do."

rhym,shor :

She sings.

"South of Loch Lake and north of the bay, the beautiful Shrine of Compassion doth lay."

"My Artagel set out to chant there one day."

"But still he has not returned."

"Was he taken by giants or headless so foul, that nary a man could contend with the smell."

"He should have come home weeks ago now."

"But still he has not returned."

arta :

"He is a healer, you see."

song,sea :

She sings.

"The Dutchman was a giant ship with masts from the largest trees."

"The pride of the people she was hailed, the ruler of all the sea."

"She sailed out of port one fine spring day, and headed for distant shores."

"But a britney caught her by surprise, 'twas flung against her core."

"The match began the grim men fought, to gather in her sails."

"But thunderous was the crack and lo, the mighty vessel reeled."

"When gentle winds danced 'cross the surf, again the followed morn."

"'twas nothing left of Dutchy's hull but remnants of her born."

"And now the tale has nothing left, but a gravesight on the floor."

"On the Fens o' the Dead she came to rest, ne'er to sail no more."

bye :

"Farewell, my friend."

other :

"I cannot help thee with that."