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a slender woman wearing a leather glove on her left hand.


"Hello and welcome, <Gender>!"

name :

"My name is Kytyn." She smiles. "Perhaps that explains why I like birds."

glov,bird :

"I used to be a falconer."

falc :

"That was before Lord British appointed me to my current position."

lord,brit :

"A true gentleman if ever I saw one."

job,appo,posi :

"I'm the curator of the royal museum of oddities."

roya,muse :

"It's just one of the projects Lord British has funded to provide a better life for his people."

proj,fund,bett,life :

"He also established the conservatory that shares the building with the museum."

"The roads that span the realm are his doing as well."

cons,shar,buil :

"Sometimes I can hear their music drifting through the walls..."

"Usually that noisy, crackling field drowns it out, though."

musi,drif,hear :

"It's very pretty."

road,real,netw :

"Travel is much easier these days."

trav :

"That's for sure."

cura,odd :

"I can tell you more about any of the exhibits you're interested in."

exhi,inte :

"We have the monolith, the energy field, the perpetual motion machine, the bones of Zog, the mystery fountain, and the dragon's head, wings, and egg."

"Which one were you curious about?"

bone,zog :

"This skeleton seems to be about ten times older than any other ever found in Britannia."

"Surely it has much to tell us about our origins, if we only knew what it meant!"

drag,head,wing,egg :

"Someone named 'Gertan' donated all those parts."

"I think he said something about a dragon named 'Freitag'."

gert,frei :

"If you want to ask Gertan, I think he's in Cove."

myst,foun :

"Somebody found a huge boulder with a jet of water spraying out of it."

"We had it magically teleported here, buried with its surface flush with the ground, and then we built this building on top of it."

"Of course we left a hole in the floor for the water to spray through."

"I often drink from it when I'm thirsty. The water is quite good, but there's something strange about it."

"It vanishes somehow before it hits the ground..."

perp,moti,mach,gear :

"That's a very curious device. The motion of each gear turns another, until eventually the movement is propagated back to the same gear again."

"There's one thing I can't figure out."

"We've made plans of the device, and I can't see how they started it moving in the first place."

"None of the gears would turn unless all the others were already going."

"What's worse, the motions serve to hold the machine together."

"If the gears were still, the whole thing would fall apart! How it was built is quite a mystery."

ener,fiel,nois,crac :

"The field is generated by a curious spell."

"By some process not yet understood, it converts magical energy into electrical energy, producing a continuous discharge."

"If we understood this process better, it would probably lead to all sorts of useful applications."

mono :

"I can't tell you much about that. Lord British donated it to the museum, but I can't get him to talk about it."

"From what little he's said, I think it's an artifact from his home world."

libr,lyca :

"There is a great deal of knowledge available there for the serious scholar."

bye :

"Be sure to have a look at our paintings while you're here. And come again soon..."

"We're expecting some unicorn horns, and a Klein bottle from Trinsic."

purr :

She favors you with a deep, throaty purr that sounds just like a cat.

other :

"I can't help you with that. Try the library at the Lycaeum."

She winks at you.