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a dignified man wearing a loose jacket decorated with a serpent.


Subsequent visits :

"It is good to see thee again, <Avatar Name>."

Initial visit :

"Hello, adventurer"

"As guildmaster, I welcome thee in the name of the Order of the Silver Serpent."

"What is thy name?"

"Well met, <Gender> Avatar!"

name :

"I am Koranada, son of Kulebra."

"My father was a brave lighthouse keeper."

job,ligh :

"An earthquake destroyed the lighthouse, else I would have inherited the position of keeper in Greyhaven."

"I traveled to Serpent's Hold to join the Order instead."

orde,hold,guil :

"We stand for the principle of Courage."

If a member :

"We are honored by thy membership, worthy Avatar!"

If asked to join :

"Acquire a Silver Serpent shield and thou wilt be admitted to the order, <Gender> <Avatar Name>."

If not a member :

"Dost thou wish to join the Order of the Silver Serpent?"

cour,brav :

"Go and speak to de Hugh. Observe what he believes to be courage."

"Though he is a fine fighter, he has yet to prove himself worthy of our order."

shie :

"The Serpent Shield of our order is a sacred symbol of our brotherhood of bravery."

If have shield :

"Carry it with pride!"

If don't have shield :

"Its making is a magical process."

"Gherick the Smithy will help thee make one."

magi,proc :

"'Tis secret, as well."

gher :

"You will most likely find him at Siege Crafters."

join :

"I have responsibilities here,<Gender>. But I am honored by the offer.

If not a member :


"Dost thou wish to join the Order of the Silver Serpent?"

no-"There will always be a place here for thee, <Gender>."

yes-"We would be greatly honored if thou wouldst join us, Avatar."

"Thy deeds speak well of thee, <Avatar Name>."

"I shall waive the usual requirements since thy adventures are more than sufficient proof of thy courage."

"However, thou must still create thine own shield."

rune :

Without the meaning, such a symbol is just a meaningless scratching."

"We meditate on valour here."

mant,medi :

"A mantra is a concept, a special word to be turned over and over in the mind."

"When we meditate on a mantra, we do so in order to find the meaning of that virtue."

mean :

"It is not enough just to know a mantra or possess a rune."

"In order to be virtuous, one must act virtuously."

virt,avat :

"Sometimes one virtue conflicts with another, though both be numbered amongst the virtues of the Avatar."

"The hero seeks to act with an awareness of these conflicts instead of merely following instinct."

"My teacher Conor taught me this."

cono :

"A dear friend. He was guildmaster here when I was in training."

"He lives humbly in New Magincia now."

bye :

"Fare thee well."

other :

"That I cannot help thee with."