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the humble peasant Katrina.


If in party :

"I'm but a simple peasant, <Gender>."

"I doubt I could help in this situation."

If told to leave :


yes-"Command me to join and I will, <Gender>."

no-"As thou deem best, <Gender>."

Subsequent visits :

"Good <Time of Day>, <Gender>! I hope thou hast fared well in thy travels?"

yes-"The land rejoices when all is well with the Avatar!"

no-"If there is aught a humble peasant can do to help, I am yours to command."

Initial visit :

"<Avatar Name>! I had heard that thou hadst returned to our land, but I dared not believe it!"

"Hast thou returned to save our land from the gargoyles?"

yes-"Then surely we are saved already!"

no-"Then perhaps the crisis is not so severe as rumor says."

"If there is aught a humble peasant might do to aid thy quest, <Gender>, I am yours to command."

name :

"I am called Katrina, <Gender>, as I was the last time we met."

job :

"Times have changed, <Gender>. Where once I grazed sheep, now I till the land."

"All work is the same to a peasant, <Gender>."

"We all do what is expected of us."

"If thou wouldst have me join thy quest, thou needst but ask."

join :

Already in party :

"Surely I misunderstand thee, <Gender>."

"Am I not already a member of thy band?"

Not in party :

"Since thou dost think it wise, I wilt join."

"I hope I can aid thy quest."

Party full :

"I hesitate to deny any request thou might have."

"But thou seemst to have enough companions as it is."

"Mayhap if one of them left your band, thou might have more need of me."

On a ship :

"But <Gender>, there is no need to join you here, aboard ship."

"There is no place else to go!"

"Mayhap if thou asked again ashore."

leav :

"Whatever thou thinkest best, <Gender>. I'll leave my equipment with thee."

On a ship :

"But <Gender>, there is no place for me to go."

"Mayhap this should wait until we are ashore."

garg :

"The gargoyles are a grave threat to the land, <Gender>."

"Many brave soldiers have died defending us from the invaders!"

humb,humi,most :

"I am most sorry, <Gender>, but I cannot answer thy question."

"'Twould be vain of me to answer truthfully, and 'twould be worse to lie."

bye :

If in party :

"May we live up to the trust placed in us."

Not in party :

"Farewell! The Avatar carries with him the hopes of all the land."

other :

"A peasant such as myself knows little about <Last Input>, <Gender>."

-or- :

"Beg pardon, <Gender>?"