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a gypsy girl poised on the verge of womanhood.


If mean to Kador :

"How could you be so mean to Kador! You go and apologize to my poor little dog this instant!"

name :

"My name is Karina." she says, looking shyly at the ground. "Do you think it's a pretty name?"

yes-"Thank you."


advi :

"I have to ask you for a gold piece for my advice. Is that okay?"

no-"It was my father's idea!"

yes, no gold-"I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to help you unless you pay."

yes, have gold-"Ask our dog, Kador, to do some tricks for you. He knows lots of them!"

buy,sell :

"I have nothing to sell you. Talk to my father."

job :

"Father says I'm supposed to dance for gorgios."

gorg :

"That's what we call anyone who isn't a gypsy."

gyps :

"It's a nice life, but it gets lonely. I miss my sister."

sist, penu :

"Her name is Penumbra. Have you any news of her?"

no-"If you do, please come tell me. I miss her so much..."

yes-"Oh! I'm so glad to hear she's okay!" She throws her arms around you and kisses you on the cheek.

fath,zolt :

"He is Zoltan, king of the gypsies!"

king :

"Well, that's what he says."

capt,john,silv,tabl,lyca :

"Ask my father."

danc :

"Oh, I just couldn't, not in front of so many people."

coul,fron,many,peop :

"I'd be too embarassed!"

emba :

"Well... Do you promise not to make fun of me?"

no-She turns away from you.

yes-Suddenly she starts dancing a dance of haunting beauty, to the sound of music that seems to emanate from nowhere.

It's one of the most wondrous sights you've ever seen.

After a timeless time, the music ceases, and she turns and runs away.

dog,kado :

"He's such a sweet little doggie..."

bye :

"Good bye, and sweet dreams to you."

other :

"I can't help you with that."