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an amiable, shaggy mutt.



-or- :

"Bow wow."

-or- :

The dog jumps up and tries to lick your face."

-or :

"Woof, woof!"

If owe Kador money :

The dog gets up and brings you his bowl again, looking at you expectantly.

name,job,capt,john,silv,tabl,sell :

The dog looks at you with a puzzled expression on his face.

tric :

The dog looks at you expectantly.

sit :

The dog sits.

fetc :

The dog fetches a stick and lays it at your feet.

shak :

The dog shakes paws with you.

heel :

The dog bites your heel.

beg :

The dog begs.

play,dead :

The dog plays dead.

roll,over :

The dog rolls over.


"I feel that the whole debate over 'free will' versus 'determinism' arises from an artificial semantic division. In light of the work of Godel and Heisenberg, it is evident that the two concepts are indistinguishable and thus, for all practical purposes, identical."

artu,wand,andr :


bye :


other :


-or- :

"Bow wow."

-or- :

The dog jumps up and tries to lick your face."

-or :

"Woof, woof!"

The dog picks up a bowl in his mouth and holds it up to you.

You see that it has several coins in it already. Do you give him any money?

no-After a while the dog sets down the bowl, lies down, and starts whimpering.

yes-How much do you give?

have enough-You don't have that much.

don't have enough-The dog seems pleased.