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a sturdy woman with calloused hands and a loud manner.


In party :

"Aye, and wha' can ye be askin' of me?"

"Sure an' I don't think I can be helpin' ya with this!"

If told to leave :

"Aye, so the great Avatar deigns to return, does he?"

"Well, what does her lady/his lord ship want now?"

Initial visit :

"Well, then the rumors are true!"

"'Tis well and good that ye have returned to our land, Avatar!"

Subsequent visits :

"Well met, Avatar. §An' what can I be doin' for ye this

name :

Subsequent times :

"Sure and you're goin' daft, <Gender>."

"I be named Julia, same as the last time we met!"

Initial time :

"Named Julia I am, <Gender>, and pleased to meet ye."

job :

"Instruments I make, the finest in the land."

In party :

"For now, though, I'm followin' ye, and glad to do it!"

Not in party :

"Not to be immodest, but I'm respected by all the Guild!"

"Ach, but give it all up I would for a life of adventure like your own..."

guil :

"If ye would like to be a member too, go talk to Selganor."

selg :

"He's the guildmaster."

pan,pipe :

"Sent you to me they did? Aye, I can believe that."

"Now the panpipes are a tricky instrument."

"You gotta have the finest wood."

"If you want to learn how to make pipes, you'll need to bring a yew board."

"But it must be freshly cut!"

yew,boar :

"Do ye have a fine yew board for me this <Time of Day>?"

yes, no board-"Well where is it? I canna see any board on ye!"

yes-"Ach, aye, and good wood it is, too. A fine set of pipes this will make!"

Julia sets the wood down on a bench and starts carving.

As you watch, the rough board slowly turns into smooth wood rods.

Then she hollows out each rod and pegs them all together.

Lastly, she notches each tube and cuts them all to the proper lengths.

"An' there it is, <Gender>, a set of panpipes fit for any bard in the land!"

She hands you the finished pipes.

no-"No? What are ye, daft? I canna be makin' pipes without wood!"

fres,cut :

"Go to Yew where they grow the best wood in Britannia."

"Buy a freshly-cut yew log and take it to a sawmill."

"Have 'em cut it into a board, and bring it back here."

"Then I'll show ye how panpipes are made!"

life,adve :

"Aye, I'd join you if ye wish."

join :

"Join ye? Me?"

If told to leave :

"Aye, and be dumped off in the middle of nowhere again?"

"Not likely! Find some other sap to do your bidding!"

First time :

"Aye, gladly! Let's be on our way."

Party full :

"Ach, I can tell that you say that to everyone ye meet."

"Ask me again when you haven't as many companions."

In party :

"What are ye, daft? If I join ye, where are we gonna go?"

In boat :

"Nay, <Gender>. Ask me when we're ashore."

In party :

"I'm already in your band!"

"Though now I'm not so sure I want to be led by a crazy person..."


Not in psrty :

"Leave! Nay, 'tis my house. You do the leavin'!"

In boat :

"Leave?! And jump overboard?!"

"Ach, I get it. You're makin' a wee joke!"

In party :

"What? Oh, I suppose a craftsman isn't warrior enough to suit her lady/his lord ship's tastes!"

"Well, that's fine and dandy with me!"

"A good <Time of Day> and a good bye to the lot of ye!"

"I'm tired of carrying all this junk anyway!"

bye :

In party :

"Aye, enough chatting. On with our quest!"

Not in party :

"May fortune follow ye on thy way!"

If told to leave :

"Ach, aye! I wouldna want to hinder her lady/his lord ship's journey!"

other :

In party :

"Are ye daft? Why would I know anything about <Last Input>?"

Not in party' :

"Nay, <Gender>, I know nothing about <Last Input>."