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an uneasy looking bard.


"Oh, hello. Can I help you with something?"

name :

"They call me 'Yodeling Johann.'"

job :

"I sing songs for the pira - for the sailors here."

"But I'm looking for a chance to move to another town."

sail :

"They're fine, hearty fellows, one and all."

yode :

"I'd better not..."

"I've still got bruises from the last time I tried yodeling around here."

move :

"Not that there are pirates around here or anything..."

"The salty air just doesn't agree with me."

pira :

"Did I say pirates? I didn't say that." He looks around nervously.

"Nobody but fine honest sailors around here."

He lowers his voice. "By the way..."

"If you should happen to run across Bonn, or Ybarra, or Hawkins, don't tell them I'm here."

bonn,ybar,hawk :

"Who's he? Never 'eard of 'im."

empi :

He spits on the ground and then says, "What?"

song :

"Oh, a loon with a spoon

Sang a song of ballooning.

And the man in the moon

Said it was quite a tune."

"Now one fine day in June

A young man went ballooning.

Did he rise up to glory

Or fall to his doom?"

"Just one thing will I say

Of the sport of ballooning:

On the ground will I stay

While the ground still has room!"

ball :

"Oh, that's just some nonsense that gave me an idea for a song..."

"I read about it in a book at the Lycaeum."

lyca,book :

"Ask the librarian there for help."

bye :

"Good day."