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a slender man with boots that come up to his thighs.


brawling :

"Don't you know it's rude to interrupt a man when he's brawling?"

Not brawling :

"Hello there, <Gender>."

"Care to join me in a drink?"

no-"Not a mead drinker, I guess." He shrugs.

yes-He hands you a mug for a swallow.

It is warmed mead, sweet and bubbly, with a cinnamon stick in it.

"Comes from Verity Isle," he says.

veri,mead,isle,mug :

"It's mostly made of honey. Ask a brewer."

name :

"Jerris is my name. And yourself?"

"Pleased to make your acquaintance."

job :

"Some day I hope to join Zellivan's Stalwarts and be a guard."

zell,stal,guar :

"When that last earthquake struck, I was pinned 'neath a great tree branch."

"Lord Zellivan himself hoisted it up while a guard pulled me clear."

mous,rat :

"It was a rat, as sure as the world is flat."

"Darndest thing, too."

"Nomaan dropped the rune and the rat took it into a little hole."

hole,rune :

"It's right there. On the north wall. See it?"

no-"Look carefully, <Gender>. Ye will see it if ye keep on looking."

Shamino points to a spot west of the bar where the wall meets the ground. "There it is."

yes :

Obviously a rat hole."

mant :

"It's in the refrain of the song."

sing,song,refr :

"Well, I'd rather not sing alone. Get Culham to play it."

bye :


other :

"Sorry, <Gender>. I can't help ye with that."