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a woman of elegant demeanor, wearing a finely embroidered dress.


Initial visit :


Subsequent visits :

"Ah, <Gender> <Avatar Name>, the famous Avatar!"

"I have heard much of thy exploits, but never expected to meet you in person."

"'Tis indeed an honor."

name :

"I am Lady Isabella. Thy name, of course, is well known throughout the land."

well,know,thro,land :

"The tales of thy exploits are known by even the smallest of children."

"I recognized thee from the portrait Woodroffe made the last time thou came to our land."

wood,pain,port :

"One of the finest artisans that ever dwelt in Minoc."

"Alas, he died of the flu two years ago."

die,flu :

"Aye, a pity, that."

job :

"'Tis my privilege to be mayor of Minoc, the city of sacrifice."

"We are renowned for our fine craftsmen."

city,mino,reno,craf :

"The artisan's guild is located here."

sacr :

"We were entrusted with the Rune of Sacrifice."

rune :

"I gave it to Selganor, the artisan's guildmaster."

arti,guil :

"When the Rune of Sacrifice was sent to our city, I entrusted it to their care."

selg :

"He's a fine musician. He lives just across the road from me, in the guild hall."

musi :

"If I weren't so busy, I'd take lessons from him myself."

busy,less :

"Aye, this is a big city."

mant :

"The good healer Tara should be able to tell you the mantra."

"Go ask at her house, on the north side of town."

heal,tara :

"Tara is a very compassionate woman."

garg :

"I've heard rumors of such creatures, but I know no one who has actually seen one."


"The balloonist flew off on an important mission, and never returned."

"Selganor should be able to tell you more about it."

"Tell me, is it true you once rode in a balloon whilst on the quest of the Avatar?"

no-"Ah, well..."

"Some tales are but empty words, with less substance than the breath that carries them."

yes-"It must have been wonderful, to drift amongst the very clouds..."

impo,miss :

"Yes, ask Selganor."

bye :

"Farewell, and please honor us with your presence again soon."

other :

"I cannot help thee with that."°+î°+"Ah, thou wouldst be interested to hear of that."