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a sultry, dark-skinned woman dressed in riding-leathers.


Subsequent visits :

"Hello again, my friend. What can I do for you?

Initial visit :

"Hello, stranger(s). What can I do for thee¢ this

name :

"Some call me Immanuelle, <Gender>."

"Others call me...something else."

She winks at you.

some,else :

If male :

"Perhaps some time I will show you..."

If female :

"I think you get the idea."

show :

"Not here."

job :

"I raise horses here, in the stables."

"I also sell horses, if you wish to buy one."

sell,hors :

"I can hardly bear to part with any of these magnificent beasts."

"But there are a few that fail to please me."

"If you wish to buy one of them, just say the word."


Not at shop :

"Come to my shop when I'm open!"

At shop :

Avatar solo, has horse :

"But thou already hast a horse!"

Avatar in party, all have horses :

"But all of you are already on horses!"

No horse :

"Which of you?"

"Aye, <Character Name>, thou hast need of a horse."

Not enough gold :

"But thou canst not afford one!"

Have gold :

"My price is # gold pieces, no less. Interested?"

yes-"Good!" <NPC Name> takes <Character Name>'s gold, and hands over the reins of a fine horse.

no-"Perhaps some other time then."

Party members don't have horses :

"How about one of thy friends/thy friend?"

bye :

"Come back again soon!"

As you leave, she blows you a kiss.

other :

"Beg pardon, <Gender>?"