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a bent, aging man with a scraggly beard and few teeth.


Subsequent visits :

"Once they came for wanting,

Twice they came to see,

If I am relenting,

In my mystery."

Initial visit :

"Dogs are at my doorstep,

Yapping at my heels.

No way to ignore them.

Just pretend that they are eels."

buy,reag :

The mention of business brings the senile man to his senses momentarily.

"Which of you?"

"Which of these?"

<Item Name> costs # per portion."

"How many dost thou want?"

Have enough gold :

<NPC Name> hands <Character Name> the <Item Name>.

Not enough space :

"Thou cannot carry that much!"

"I'll give thee #; thou dost not need the rest."

No space :

"Thou cannot carry any <Item Name>!"

Not enough gold :

"Thou cannot afford that much!"

"I'll give thee #; thou cannot have the rest."

No gold :

"Thou cannot afford any <Item Name>!"

lear,spel :

The mention of business brings the senile man to his senses momentarily.

If no spellbook, solo :

"But thou hast not a spellbook!"

If no spellbook, party :

"But none of you has a spellbook!"

If have spellbook :

"Which of you?"

"In which Circle does <Character Name> wish to study?"

If not 1-8 :

"As everybody knows, there are only eight circles."

Level higher than character :

"I sense that <Character Name> is only ready for the # Circle."

"But such matters are not my concern..."

If no spells available :

"I have no spells of that circle."

"Which of these?"

"That spell costs # gold. Interested?"

no-"Perhaps <Character Name> is not ready for this circle."

yes-<NPC Name> hands <Character Name> a piece of rune-covered parchment.

yes, no gold-"<Character Name> lacks the # gold required."

magi,book,sell :

The mention of business brings the senile man to his senses momentarily.

"Which of you?"

No space :

"But thou cannot carry a spellbook!"

Not enough gold :

"But thou cannot afford a spellbook!"

"A spellbook costs 50 gold pieces. Interested?"

no-"Perhaps one of thy friends then."


name :

"Names I'm always thinking,

Names I always see.

Have you any inkling

What they seem to mean?"

job :

"I have nice reagents,

Also wondrous spells.

If you need a magic book,

Those I also sell."

hora,tubl :

"That is too familiar,

Could it be a friend?

No, none is delivered,

So I must pretend."

kill,murd :

"'Step into my parlor,'

Said the spider to the fly.

Perhaps if he could holler,

He would not have to die."

relt,rent :

"Many are pretenders,

A harmless game they play.

But for the few offenders,

Of constant night they pray."

ghos :

He purses his lips and lets out an eery, high-pitched cry.

"That is my impression.

Tell me what you think.

Can you learn a lesson,

From what it has to teach?"

burm,shav :

"Don't stick your arm

Out too far.

It may go home

In another car!"

-- Burma Shave.

quen :

"Ask about a traitor,

Ask about a love,

And if you are creative,

Ask above the dove."

garg :

"What is truly fearsome,

What can evil be?

Not all that growls is gruesome,

Not all that hates has wings."

moon,gate,shri :

"Through a glowing door,

By the full moons' light.

For me to tell you more

Would take us half the night!"

tren,bell :

"He who has opinions,

Thinks he knows it all,

Will someday end up learning

What comes before a fall."

yorl :

"Simple has its moment

And often is received

Much better than the brilliant,

Who often will deceive."

mich :

"Pain can run so deeply

That one becomes a mute,

In fear of leading others

Where goodness is in dispute."

gide :

"Kindness is a proverb

That all can understand,

And those who share it with you

Will oft be in demand."

stiv :

"Little is the difference,

That seperates ourselves.

Remembering this inference,

Is oft a great challenge."

marn :

"Love has many rivers,

Yet grief can twist them all.

Be guided by your wisdom,

And you'll achieve the goal."

lord,brit :

"A council has a purpose,

And yet it can be wrong.

There are no notes that singly

Put the melody in a song."

bye :

"I see that they are going,

I'm sure they will return.

For if they lack the knowing,

They'll always need to learn."

other :

"I hear you have a question.

I'm here to answer some.

If I may make suggestions,

Please ask another one."