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(Shrine of Honor 페이지 추가)
(Shrine of Honor)
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==Shrine of Honor==
=='''Shrine of Honor'''<br><br>'''명예의 성소'''==
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the altar of Honor.
the altar of Honor.
명예의 제단이다.<br>

2013년 5월 4일 (토) 15:35 판

Shrine of Honor

명예의 성소


the altar of Honor.

명예의 제단이다.


As you kneel before the altar, a mystical voice sounds in your head.

If karma low :

"Thou hast much to learn about honor."

If karma OK :

"Thy deeds have shown admirable honor."

-or- :

"Thy deeds serve as an example to all."

Do you wish to meditate at this altar?

no-end conversation

yes-"Who will meditate?"

"Speak the Mantra of Honor."

"<Mantra>... <Mantra>..."

"<Mantra>... <Mantra>..."

"<Mantra>... <Mantra>..."

summ :

"Honor may be assailed, but can never be hurt."

"Surprised by unjust force"

If not ready to gain a level :

"You receive no enlightenment.

If ready to gain a level :

<Player Name> has gained a level...


and intelligence!

"There is naught else for you to learn here and now."

"Return when thy journey has progressed further."