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a shifty-eyed character. He carries a cane and walks with a slight limp.


If gave cloak :

"You served your purpose by bringing me the cloak... Now I have no further need of you."

"I have big plans now, and no time to waste talking."

Initial visit :

He takes your measure, looking you over from head to toe. "What do you want?"

name :

"Who wants to know?"

"Fine, '<Last Input>' - if that's what your name really is... You can call me Homer."

home :

"Well, get on with it!"

job :

"I once sailed on the ship called 'Empire,' under Captain Hawkins."

empi,sail :

"It was wrecked on the cape, southwest of here. Not too far from Serpent's Hold."

hawk :

"His eyes light up with hatred. "That heartless bastard..."

"He was killed by his own men, and it was no worse than he deserved."

He hesitates, then adds quickly, "Of course, I had nothing to do with it."

silv,tabl :

He regards you warily. "Who sent you?"

"I see." He screws his face up into an even more suspicious expression than before.

"Just why do you want to know about it, anyway?"

If not member of guild :

"You're not a member of the guild. I don't have to tell you anything."

If member of guild :

"You're looking for the silver tablet? It's part of Captain Hawkin's buried treasure."

buri,trea :

Member of guild :

"It was buried in a small cave."

Not member of guild :

"Don't know anything about it."

cave :

Member of guild :

"After Captain Hawkins passed away, we tore his treasure map into nine pieces."

"The plan was, when nobody was looking for us any more, we'd get together and go dig it up."

"Splitting up the map was my idea - that way nobody could doublecross the others."

"I figure after all these years the others must have given up, so its alright for me to search for the treasure by myself."

"Trouble is, I've got a bit of the gout in one leg, and I can't travel much any more."

"Maybe we can help each other out."

"I know where my piece of the map is hidden, and if you bring me the other eight pieces, perhaps we could make a deal."

"I'll tell you all I know about where the pieces might be..."

"Ol' Hawknose set out for the Dry Land, to kill the daemon that is said to live there."

"Sandy, the ship's cook, went to Trinsic with the first mate."

"Old Ybarra said he was headed for the dungeon Shame, looking for more treasure."

"I think one of the men died in a shipwreck."

"Then there was one more... Can't remember his name, but I've heard tell he settled in Jhelom."

"He'll be easy to recognize - he has a hook in place o' one of his hands."

"That's all I know. Perhaps in your travels you can find out where the others have gone."

"When you find the pieces, you can lay them out on the ground to see how they fit together."

"But remember, only I know where the ninth piece is, so come back here when you've got the other eight."

Not member of guild :

"What are you talking about?"

guil :

Not member of guild :

Go ask Budo. And you didn't hear that from me, understand?"

bye :

Member of guild :

"Farewell, brother thief."

Not member of guild :

"Can't say its been a pleasure."

Other :

Member of guild :

"Can't help you there."

Not member of guild :

"You've got an awful lot of questions... Maybe I don't care to talk about <Last Input>."

If Avatar agreed to get storm cloak :

"Have you found the storm cloak yet?"

no-"Then get off your duff and go dig it up!"

yes-"Then hand it over and we're even." His eyes gleam with greedy anticipation.

Do you give him the cloak?

Blast ye! If I still had two good legs, I'd keelhaul the lot of you!"

"We had a deal! Besides, I helped steal that treasure myself, fair and square."

"Can't trust anybody these days..."

yes, no cloak-You have no storm cloak to give him.

yes-He takes the cloak from you. "Thanks for keeping your word. There's not many that does, these days..."

If Avatar collected 8 pieces of map :

"So, have ye found the eight pieces of the map yet?"

no"Then what are you wasting my time for?"

yes, don't have-"Best count again. You need eight pieces before I'll bargain with you."

yes-"Very well. I've been thinking about how we could work out a deal."

"I know you want the silver tablet. Far as I'm concerned, you can have it."

"All I really want is the magical cloak that's buried with the rest of the treasure."

"So I'll tell you where the ninth piece of the map is if you promise to bring me the cloak."

"The rest of the treasure should be loot enough to satisfy you. Is it a deal?"

no-"Suit yourself, mate, that's the only deal I'll offer."

yes-"Okay. The ninth piece of the map is hidden..."

"Right here in my pocket!" He grins wickedly.

"I had to keep it safe while you were off gathering the others, didn't I?"

He hands you the last piece of the map.

"The island in the upper left hand corner is Buccaneer's Den."

"You'll keep your word and come right back here with the magic storm cloak, won't you?"

no-Don't want to keep your word now that you have the map, eh?"

"Well, then, I won't tell you where you need to dig to find the treasure!"

yes-"Good. Then I'll tell you this:"

"When you reach the island marked with the X, find the three stones and stand in the center."

"Then walk three paces due south, nine paces due west, and twelve more paces south."

"That should put you right next to an old dead tree."

"Dig in the patch of dirt just to the south of you, and you'll find the treasure!"

"Now go get it!"