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a man whose pungent smell greets you before he can.


"Well, hello there, friend/stranger

Subsequent visits :

"Back for more meat?"

Initial visit :

"Come for some meat?"

name :

"Hendle the Slaughterman."

hend,slau :


job :

If at work :

"As ya can see, I slaughter the beef and pork which you can then buy."

If in pub :

"I slaughter beef and pork."

"Makes me a bit unpopular 'ere in the pub!" he laughs.

buy,meat :

If at pub :

"Strewth! If I carried it around with me, I'd be even more unpopular!"

He laughs, then continues, "Nay, friend, come to my shop later."

"I'll fix ya up then."

If at work :

"Which of you?"

None selected :


Character selected :

1. Ham

2. Bacon

3. Pork Chops

4. Brisket

5. Steak

6. Ribs

"Which item?"

None selected :


Item selected :

Hendle smiles at <Character Name>, "That will cost you # gold. Interested?"


yes, but full-"You look pretty full to me, <Character Name>."

yes-"Excellent!" After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the food.

yes, not enough gold-"You don't have enough gold, <Character Name>."

bye :

"Be careful out there."

other :

If at work :

He stops chopping and scratches his chin. "Say what?"

If at pub :

He takes a swig from his mug and asks, "What d'ya mean?"