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a beggar, clad in the rags of a sailor, with a hook for a right hand.


"Spare a doubloon fer an old seahand?" He holds out his hand.

Do you give him any money?

no-"Pah!" He spits on the ground.

yes-How much do you give?

No gold-You do not have that much.

Have gold-"Thank, ye kindly, matey."

name :

"I be Heftimus McPry, matey."

job :

"Once Buccaneer's Den quaked at the mention o' me name."

"I was the greatest sabre fighter on all the high seas."

"Then one day..."

"I fought Captain Hawkins, that scurvy dog, an' he struck off me hand with his sword."

hook,foug,stru,hand,swor :

"'Twas a bitter fight; I almost died o' the wound."

"Hawkins threw me hand to the sharks."

capt,hawk :

"He be long gone now, he an' his ship the Empire. A pox on his memory!"

bucc,den :

"That be an island, matey, and no place fer a decent soul like yerself."

map :

"That bit o' news will cost ye twenty coins. What say ye, matey? Aye or nay?"

no-"Then maybe ten? Aye or nay?"

no-"So be it, matey."

yes-"I thank ye kindly, matey. The last I saw o' that bit o' parchment..."

"I needed it to start a fire in a dungeon."

"But afore I could apply sparks to the tinder, a huge swarm o' rats drove me away."

"The scrap o' map lies in the dungeon Wrong, matey."

dung :

"I've been into the dungeon Wrong."

"There's a cave on this island that looks a lot safer."

cave :

"I sleep in front of it every night."

"Soon as I've saved up a stake, I'm going in there to dig for gold."

wron :

"'Twas certainly the wrong place for an old seadog to be!"

He laughs, chokes, and coughs for a while.

"I'll be allright, matey."

bye :

"Good journey."

other :

"Sorry, don't really know that."