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a somber and calm gargoyle.


Not learned Gargish, not submitted :

"An in mani lem, An-bal-sil-fer."

The gargoyle says nothing else.

Learned Gargish, not submitted :

"To be unwilling to help you, False Prophet."

"To be a healer, a being of peace."

"Elsewise, to summon the guards to slay you!"

The gargoyle says nothing else.

Learned Gargish, submitted :

Subsequent visits :

"To be happy to see you again, noble one."

"But to be sad that you seek my services."

Initial Visit :

"To see the amulet, the symbol of your courage and nobility."

"To wish to help you however I can."

heal,cure :

If not at shop :

"To ask that you see me at my shop."

If at shop, healthy :

"To be unfamiliar with human anatomy..."

"But to be certain that you are well!"

If at shop, healthy :

"To be unfamiliar with human anatomy..."

"But to be certain that all of you are well!"

First time healed at Gargoyles :

"To drink this and be healthy."

Do you/Does <Character Name> drink it?

no-The gargoyle shrugs.

"To assure you that it is safe and invigorating."

"But not to force anyone to act against their will."

yes-You/<Character Name> drink(s) the potion and feel(s) deathly ill/slightly dizzy.

"To apologize for the error! But to know exactly what I did wrong."

The gargoyle mixes a different drink that somehow smells worse than the last.

Subsequent times healed at Gargoyles :

"Which of you?"

The gargoyle mixes strange powders into a foul-smelling brew.

Heal message :

You drink the potion and feel restored!

<Character Name> drinks the potion and feels restored!

"To ask if there is aught else I can do for you?"

resu,dead :

"To ask me to raise the dead?"

"To apologize, but that is beyond my power."

"To doubt that anyone can do that!"

bye :

"May fortune prevent the need for your return!"

name :

"To be nameless, being only a healer."

job :

"To be entrusted with the tasks of healing those wounded and curing those sick."

"To do this for all, as a service to society."

good :

"The goodscrafter? To regret his condition."

"To know that he is in great pain after the loss of his family."

fami :

"To know that his family was lost when the edges of the world fell off."

"But to have less and less patience for his dispassionate self-pity."

fell,off :

"Yes, during the cataclysms."

"To have lost friends myself during that bad time."

"But to maintain the struggle for life diligently!"

other :

"To be a healer, dedicated only to my job. To know nothing about <Last Input>."