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a plainly dressed bard.


In party :

"Is there something you needed to know?"

Not in party :

"Hello, <Avatar Name>."

name :

"It's me, Gwenno. You have been away from our realm a long time, haven't you..."

job :

"Iolo's apprentice has taken over my job at Iolo's Bows."

"These days I've been transcribing the folk songs of Britannia into numerical notation for the artisan's guild."

In party :

"Of course, helping you on your quest is more important than that right now."

Not in party :

"Of course, if you need my help, I could leave the guild for a time and join you."

arti,guil :

"Selganor can tell you more about the guild than I could."

selg :

"He's the guildmaster."

join,help,ques :

In party :

"I have joined you already!"

Not in party :

"Do you want me to come with you?"

no-"Okay. Let me know if you need my help later."

yes-"Okay! It will be nice to spend some time on the road again."

She runs over and hooks arms with Iolo, and they dance around and around.

They're obviously very happy to see each other again.

In boat :

"Not while you're in that thing!"

Party full :

"You have enough travelling with you already."

"If you ask one of them to leave first, I'd be happy to join you."

leav :

Not in party :

"I'd have to join you before I could leave, silly!"

In boat :

"Let's get our feet back on solid ground first, okay?"

In party :

"All right. I'll head back home to Minoc. Come let me know if you need me to join you again later."

"I'll leave all my things here - some of them might come in handy for you."

She gives Iolo a big hug before she leaves.

"Remember to keep your socks dry," she says, "and I'll see you when the quest is done."

folk,song :

"The songs of a people are an important part of their heritage."

"Putting them down on paper helps preserve our @traditions for future generations."

heri,pape,trad,futu,gene :

"I'm so glad you appreciate the value of tradition."

iolo :

"A bit scruffy, but he's the sweetest husband I could ever ask for."

If Iolo in party :

Iolo says "You're only saying that because it's true." He gives her a kiss.

appr,bow :

"If you need a good crossbow, the shop is in Britain, over by the Blue Boar."

blue,boar :

"It's a lively place."

nume,nota,tran :

"A number for every note, and a note for every number."

note :

"Each note is represented by one number."

numb :

"Each number represents one note."

repr :

"I knew you'd catch on!"

play,tune :

"Oh, Selganor sent you, did he? I bet you want to learn 'Stones.'"

lear,ston :

"In the standard numerical notation, it reads '678987 8767653'."

bye :

"Nice talking with you."

other :

"Sorry, can't help you there."