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a petite woman with flowing brown hair.


Initial visit, Iolo in party :

"Iolo! And thy companions as well!"

"I heard rumors that you were in town!"

Iolo greets his former apprentice warmly.

"How goes business, Gwenneth?"

"Very well, very well indeed. Sir Geoffrey himself just placed quite a large order!"

"Much demand for bows these days, what with the gargoyles!"

Turning to you, Gwenneth says, "And what can I do for Iolo's friend(s) this fine

Initial visit, no Iolo :

"I recongize thee! Thou art Iolo's friend, <Avatar Name>!"

"What can I do for thee this fine <Time of Day>?"

Subsequent visits :

"Hello again. What can I do for thee this fine <Time of Day>?"

"What'll it be next?"

buy :

"Which of you?"

"Which item?"

"That <Item Name> costs # gold."

"Interested, <Character Name>?"

yes, full-"But 'twould make thee o'erburdened, <Character Name>!"


After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the <Item Name>.

Yes, no gold, no Iolo :

"But thou hast not enough gold, <Character Name>!"

Yes, have Iolo, no gold, first time :

"Thou hast not enough gold, <Character Name>."

She winks at Iolo. "But I think I can trust thee with credit, just this once!"

Yes, have Iolo, no gold, subsequent times :

"I'm sorry, <Character Name>, but I cannot offer more credit, even to thee."

"The gargoyle wars make my wares much in demand!"

sell :

Have an item for sale :

"Sorry, none of you has anything I need."

Nothing for sale :

"Aye, <Character Name> has something of interest..."

"Which of you?"

"Which item?"

"Will you take # gold for that <Item Name>, <Character Name>?"

no-"Perhaps some other time, then."

no-"Perhaps something else then?"

yes-"Done!" <NPC Name> hands <Character Name> # gold pieces and takes the <Item Name>

No character/Item :

"Changed your mind, eh?"

name :

"What a strange question. I'm Gwenneth, of course."

Iolo in party :

"Just ask Iolo!"

Iolo not in party :

"But dost thou not know Iolo?"

"Well, I am his former aprrentice, Gwenneth."

job :

"Once was I Iolo's apprentice, but then he decided to retire."

"Now 'tis my shop, and I craft the bows sold here!"

"'Course, 'tis still called Iolo's Bows, out of respect for the master."

Iolo in party :

At this, Iolo blushes humbly.

garg :

"I hear from the soldiers that the gargoyles are fierce opponents."

"Some gargoyles move like the wind itself, and can strike you like lightning bolts!"

"The gargoyles also have a strange and terrible weapon."

weap :

"'Tis called a boomerang, and it is a most bizarre ranged weapon."

"It flies out to strike its target, then returns to the hand that threw it!"

"Against such magic the soldiers chose to arm themselves with good, stout Britannian bows!"

iolo :

Iolo in party :

She smiles. "I would not wish to speak of Iolo amongst his friends."

"I might embarass him!"

Iolo not in party :

"Nay, I really would not wish to speak of my master behind his back."

arro,bolt :

"Aye, usually do I carry those in stock."

"But there has been a shortage of late, because of the gargoyle war."

"Go see Lynn the Fletcher, over to the north."

lynn :

"Lynn is a fine fletcher, and usually keeps me supplied with arrows and bolts."

"I've none left in stock, though, since the soldiers bought them all."

trip :

Bought triple crossbow :

"I fear I had but one triple crossbow for sale."

"Come back in six months and I may have another."

Haven't bought triple crossbow :

"Ah, I see thou art a discerning buyer."

"The triple-crossbow is a marvel to behold."

"This enchanted weapon fires three bolts at once!"

"Normally, I would not offer it for sale."

"But, because thy cause is important, I will allow thee--and thee only!--to buy it."

"But I fear I must charge 400 gold for it."

"Dost thou wish to buy this weapon?"

yes, full-"But thou cannot carry it!"

yes, no gold-"But thou cannot afford it!"

no-"It will be here, waiting for thee, if thou hast a need for it."

bye :

Group :

"Farewell, all of you."

Solo :

"Farewell to thee!"

Iolo in party :

"Iolo, I'll see thee again soon with thy share of this month's profits!"

other :

"Beg pardon?"