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A muscular, well armored guard.


"Hello. Can I help you with something?"

yes-"Well, what can I help you with?"

name :

"I'm not allowed to give out that information."

job :

"I am one of Lord British's elite guards. We keep order throughout Britannia."

brit :

"Hail Lord British! Hail Britannia! Hail the glorious Avatar!"

elit,guar,keep,orde :

"Lately our ranks have thinned. Many have been lost in the war against the gargoyles."

rank,thin,many,lost,garg :

Few of us are left to patrol the cities, and those may be sent to the shrines soon."
"I fear we may lose this war."

shri,lose,fear,sent :

Not a single shrine have we liberated. The gargoyles fight like daemons!"

demo,daem :

"I have noticed a certain resemblance..."

patr,citi :

"That is our only job, in times of peace."

time,peac :

"May we see such times again!"

bye :

"If that is all, then I'll be back about my duties."

other :

"Perhaps you should ask somebody else."