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a figure covered from head to toe with flour.


If at pub :

"Ach, I'd like to talk with ya, but I've no time!"

"Come see me at my gristmill some other time."

"'Tis hard work, but it gives me plenty of time to talk!"

Subsequent visits :

"Hrmph... ptuh... hello again."

Initial visit :

"Ptuh... ptuh... hello."

name :

"Grison Fairfleth, at your service."

gris,fair :

"You can call me 'Gris' if ya prefer."

job :

"As you can see, I turn grain into flour."

"It's a pretty demanding job...and a bit messy too."

buy,flou :

"Which of you?"

No character selected :

"Suit yourself."

Character selected :

"I'll sell you a sack of flour for 4 gold. Is that okay

yes, full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes-"Excellent!" <NPC Name> hands over the flour.

yes, no gold-"You can't afford it."

no-"Suit yourself."

sell,grai :

no grain :

"I'd buy some grain, if you had any."

have grain :

"Which of you?"

No character selected :

"Suit yourself."

Selected character has no grain :

"But ya don't have any grain!"

Selected character has grain :

<NPC Name> turns to <Character Name>, and says "I'll pay you 3 crowns for that sack of grain, ok?"

yes-"Done!" He hands <Character Name> 3 gold pieces and takes the sack.

no-"Suit yourself."

timo :

"He's a good fellow. I grew up with him."

grew,up :

"Yep. We were mates." He continues to wipe the dust from his eyes.

mort :

"Shorty, ya mean? He's got a fair temper, I'll tell you that!"

mari :

"She's one with a nose to the air instead of the grindstone." He chuckles to himself.

arbe :

"Scared of his own shadow, he is."

dori :

"She's baked many a pie with my flour."

meri :

"Meri the wisp, eh? She's sure a cutey."

hend :

"One o' the nicest gents I know. Always has a good tale."

uber :

"A good, hard worker, that man. Has quite a strong grip too."

bye :

"Well, if that's all you need, goodbye."

other :

He sticks a finger in his ear and shakes it. "What?"