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a burly barbarian warrior.


If in party :

"Vy talk ven dere's fighting to do?"

Subsequent visits :

"Ho, Avatar, thou hast returned!"

Initial visit :

"Hail, <Avatar Name>! I haf heard of thy deeds, Avatar!"

name :

"I be named Gorn, <Gender>."

job :

If in party :

"I follow thee, <Gender>. I haf no other job now."

If not in party :

"I be a fighter, a homeless vanderer."

"Here I vait until I find somevun else to trafel mit."

traf,trav :

If in party :

"Ya, I like to trafel!"

If not in party :

"Much vould I like to vander again, but I haf no vun to trafel mit now."

"Somevun vill ask me to join mit them zooner or later."

join :

If in party :

"I don't understand, <Gender>. Vat do you mean, <Last Input>?"

If not in party :

"I vould be much happy to join mit thee, <Gender>

If on boat :

"but ve are at sea!"

If party full :

"but I dislike such large groups."

If already in party :

"und I already haf!"

leav :

If not in party :

"But I vas here first, ya?"

If on boat :

"Ask ven ve land, okay?"

If in party, not on boat :

"Ok, if that's vat you vant. Maybe I'll zee you later."

"You keep all zis stuff meanwhile, ya?"

bye :

"It is alvays a pleasure to talk mit thee, <Gender>."

sute :

"Sutek is mad."

"He is very dangerous."

"I vould avoid him if I vere thee."

"But he does know many tings, und is sometimes helpful."

other :

If in party :

"I am just a simple varrior, <Gender>, and know nothing about <Last Input>."

If not in party :

"Surely zere are others who vould know more about <Last Input> than I, <Gender>."