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a quiet, listless gargoyle.


Learned Gargish, not submitted :

"Oh, the False Prophet," the gargoyle says calmly.

"To suppose that you have come to kill me as well. All right."

Learned Gargish, submitted :

"An-bal-sil-fer," the gargoyle says calmly. "Sum in-korp i. Vers."

The gargoyle silently awaits his fate.

Learned Gargish, submitted :

Subsequent visits :

"To ask why you disturb me again, False Prophet."

Initial visit :

"To see the Amulet of Submission."

"To suppose, then, that my world has been saved."

"But to feel that salvation has come too late."

too,late :

"To refuse to discuss my grief with the being who caused it."

grie :

"Surely to know what pain you have caused by stealing the Codex?"

"To not believe that you care. To believe, in fact, that you enjoy causing suffering."

suff,no,help :

"To not believe that you would do anything to help."

name :

"To not have a name."

"To have nothing at all now..."

job :

"To be a goodscrafter."

"Though to have no reason to make goods now."

good,buy :

"To invite you to take what you want."

fami :

"To have lost my entire family in the cataclysms."

cata :

"To wish not to speak of it."

bye :

"To wait here for you to return to kill me."

other :

To not care about <Last Input>."

"To not care about anything now."