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a quiet, pale, almost motionless gentleman.


If realized didn't pay Mole :

"Ohhh! Silly me, spending so much time with my clients." He gestures at the corpses.

"I forget little details like paying Mole..."

"I'll have to take care of it right away."

"You deserve a reward for helping me straighten this out."

"That mage over on the table was found just outside of town."

"He was carrying a couple of enchanted items and some money when the gargoyles got him."

"Nobody has been able to find any relatives of his, so you might as well take it all."

If Mole needs gold :

"That addle-brained, lower class, miserable excuse for a common laborer..."

"I agreed to give him an equipment allowance with his pay."

"No doubt it's all been squandered at some tavern, along with the rest of his pay."

"See what he has to say about that!"

Mole's shovel broken :

"So, his shovel broke? That's no excuse."

"Tell him he should have bought another one and kept working."

Mole needs a shovel :

You pass along Mole's message. "Needs a shovel, does he? Tell him to use the one I gave him when I hired him!"

"No doubt he's forgotten he has it by now, or lost it somewhere..."

Usual visits :

"Good evening." he says, in a voice that sends shivers down your spine.

"It is evening, I hope. That's my favorite time."

name :

"I am Glen D'Arc, of the Trinsic D'Arcs."

trin,darc,d'ar :

"I had to move away... Too sunny."

sun :

"I much prefer moonlight. It's more natural and healthy."

prep,bod,depa :

"For most clients, I prefer to use Frigid Solvol."

"It's the finest enbalming fluid on the market."

frig,solv,enba :

"It gives the departed a nice, healthy glow..."

eter,rest :

"Yes, those who cannot afford resurrection know the cool comfort of good, honest soil."

He sighs longingly. "How I envy them, for only the dead know true peace."

dead,ress :

"He smiles. "I see you're not much of a believer in death."

"But next time you're dead you should try staying that way. You might like it..."

job :

"I prepare the bodies of the departed for their eternal rest." He pauses to pop a grape into his mouth.

He chews it delicately, but you can still hear a soft, squishy sound.

"Would you like a few grapes?"

yes-"Help yourself."


"It's very relaxing work. At least it would be, if I didn't have to put up with that incompetent gravedigger."

If have body :

His eyes gleam fiendishly when he notices the body you're carrying.

"Ah, you've brought me a client. Tell the truth, doesn't your friend look more peaceful this way?"

"For such a heroic client, I have something special to offer."

"It's a new process I've invented called 'cremation.'"

"For a mere fifteen gold, the remains of the dearly departed are purified with flame."

"Would you like me to do this for you?"

no-"Too bad."

yes, but no gold-"You're a bit short on gold." he says, disappointedly.

yes-"Excellent!" He takes the body, and recites a brief incantation.

An eerie green flame engulfs the corpse, consuming it in seconds.

Nothing but ashes remain. The mortician sweeps them up, puts them in an urn, and hands it to <Character Name>/you.

"Please come again if any more of your friends need my services."

inco,grav,mole :

"You can't get good help these days..."

"Mole was supposed to have two more graves finished yesterday."

"I can't stand to talk to him any more - if you see him, tell him I need those graves dug immediately!"

bye :

"Goodbye for now - I'm sure I'll see you again. Every body ends up here sooner or later..."

other :

"Don't concern yourself with that. Life is too hectic as it is."