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a tall man, covered with scars and drooling uncontrollably.


Subsequent visits :

"Back again?"

Initial visit :

"What do you want?"

buy :

"I's a great craftsman, I is. Me shop is 'uge!"

"You'll hafta be more specific: arms or armor?"

weap,arms :

If store closed :

"Come to my shop when I'm open!"

If store open :

"Which of you?"

"Which item?"

"That <Item Name> costs # gold."

"Interested, <Character Name>?"

yes, inventory full-"What's this? You can't carry no <Item Name>, <Character Name>"


After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC's Name> hands over the <Item Name>.

yes, not enough gold : "What's this? You can't afford no <Item Name>, <Character Name>!"

Halberd,Hammer,Morning Star,Throwing Axe,2-Handed Axe :

armo :

Black Shield,Door Shield,Scale Mail,Spiked Collar,Spiked Helm,Spiked Shield :

sell :

If not in shop :

"Come to my shop when I'm open!"

If have nothing of value :

"You ain't got nothing I wants."

If have something of value :

"Aye, <Character Name> got somethin' interestin'..."

"Which of you?"

"Which item?"

"I'll give ya # gold for that <Item Name>, <Character Name>. Whaddya say?"

no-"I don't bargain, mate. # and not a copper."

-or- :

"Well, how 'bout somethin' else?"

-or- :

"Changed your mind, eh?"

yes-"Done!" <NPC Name> hands <Character Name> # gold pieces and takes the <Item Name>.

magi,shie,orde,serp :

If already made shield :

"What, you gone daft?"

"I already made ya one!"

If not talked to Koranada :

"Go talk ta Koranada about that first."

If not at shop :

"Come to my shop when I'm open!"

If talked to Koranada, not made shield :

"Huh? Oh, yeah, da serpent shield."

He looks around and then at the ceiling.

"I needs a snake shield, a chunk o' gold, and a magic gem."

"Have ya got dese tings?"

yes, and have items-He holds up a beautiful golden shield that glows softly.

"Here ya go. Just as promised."

yes, but don't have items-"You ain't got all that I asked for."

"Come back when ya do!"

no-"What else can I get ya?"

name :


gher :

"Are ya learnin' how ta speak or do ya need somethin'?"

job :

"I makes the most hideous weapons!"

hide :

If karma high :

"You ain't the sort what'd be interested."

If karma low :

"I ain't gonna tell you, you'd steal me brilliant ideas!"

"I got some other stuff you could buy, though."

aman :

"She's got the best food in the land. Go see for yerself."

segg :

"A fine warrior. New to this area."

bye :

"Shut the door on yer way out," he snarls.

other :

He doesn't hear you.

-or- :

He hears you but doesn't respond.