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a burly man, who looks a little healthier than the other patients.


Initial visit :

"Good (cough) day, <Gender>. What is thy name?"

"I am called Gertan. My fellows and I are recovering from a fierce battle."

Subsequent visits :

"Tis good to see thee again, <Avatar Name>."

name :

"Gertan, my friend."

job :

"I lead my men into battle whenever Geoffrey sends me."

geof :

"He is the captain of the guard."

capt,guar :


fier,batt,shri,comp :

"We sought to liberate the Shrine of Compassion."

"My men fought valiantly, but the gargoyles were too much for us. They didst slay more than half our party."

garg,slay,foug :

"Aye, I doubt not they were using foul magic of some kind."

foul,magi :

"A moonstone was upon the shrine, surrounded by a strange violet glow."

"I tried to get to it, but 'twas surrounded by some kind of force field."

moon,ston,forc,fiel,glow,viol :

"'Tis a matter beyond my comprehension."

cave,frei :

"Hast thou heard, then, of the time I slew the great dragon Freitag? Ah, that was a long time ago."

drag,slew :

"Those were the days..."

bye :

"May thy efforts meet with more success than mine!"

other :

"I cannot help thee with that."