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a tall, handsome man.


Not spoken to Lorn British :

"Thou hadst best speak to Lord British before aught else."

Initial visit, spoken to Lord British :

"I'm glad to see thee, <Avatar Name>. Perhaps thou canst prevail where others could not."

"I sent a party of ten to recapture the Shrine of Compassion from the gargoyles."

"Alas, they failed dismally."

"The survivors are recuperating in the town of Cove."

"Thou wouldst do well to speak with them first."

"Mayhap they learned something which might aid thee."

"I must confess I fear the worst."

"The gargoyles are such powerful foes, and they are spreading so fast..."

"Perhaps the end of the realm is nigh."

"Good luck, and my prayers go with thee."

Subsequent visits, spoken to Lord British :

"Best not waste time talking..."

"Who knows what acts of villainy the gargoyles are comitting even as we speak?"

"I hope you've had a chance to visit Cove and speak with Gertan."