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a man in a multicolored jacket. His fingers are long and graceful.


Subsequent visits :

"Hello again, <Gender>."

Initial visit :


"What can I do for you?"

name :

"My name is Fyodor. What is thy name?"

"Pleased to meet thee, `<Last Input>."

job :

"I make cloth upon my loom. Perhaps you'd like to buy some."

buy :

Store closed :

"I fear I have none with me, <Gender>."

"Come back when I'm at my loom; I'll help thee then."

Store open :

"Which of you?"

"Cloth or thread, <Character Name>?"

clot,thre :

"It'll cost you # gold for the <Item Name>. Interested?"

yes, full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes-"Excellent!" After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the <Item Name>

"You'll find none better."

yes, no gold-"You haven't the money."

no, or no item selected-"That is fine <Item Name>."

sell :

Store closed :

"But I don't need wool here, <Gender>!"

"Come back when I'm at my loom; I'll deal with thee then."

Store open :

No wool :

"Sorry, none of you has anything I need."

Have wool :

"Which of you?"

<NPC Name> turns to <Character Name> and says "Will you take 8 gold for that wool?"

yes-"Done!" He hands <Character Name> 8 gold pieces and takes the wool.

yes, has no wool-"Sorry, you haven't any wool."

no-"Changed your mind, eh?"

clot,loom :

"I push the pedals with my feet--like this."

"Then I pull these levers."

"The pattern depends on which combinations of levers and pedals I move."

"My father's loom was not so complicated as mine. This design came from one of Lord British's old books."

"I work on a large new loom. The plans for it were found in one of Lord British's old books."

lord,brit,old,book :

"Lord British treasures antiques. There is one book for which he hath offered a reward:

"'The Wizard of Oz.'"

wiza,oz :

"By Master L. Frank Baum, I believe."

"It concerns a girl adventurer, a strange land, and a clever balloonist."

ball :

"Are they not made of silk, in the form of a great bag?"

silk,bag :

"'Tis a wondrous strong stuff, silk, and very light."

"I regret that I am not skillful enough to weave silk."

"In New Magincia, however, lives the silk-weaver Charlotte."

char :

"She is the only person I know of who can weave silk."

bye :

"May our paths cross again some day."

other :

"That I cannot help thee with."