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a large and boisterous gargoyle.


He carries a 'knife' large enough to be a sword!

If learned Gargish, not submitted :

"The False Prophet!" the gargoyle shouts. "Begone, begone!"

If not learned Gargish :

"An-bal-sil-fer!" the gargoyle shouts. "Gres por! Gres por!"

Half-jokingly, Iolo says, "We'd better do as he says."

"After all, we don't know what kind of meat that is!"

If learned Gargish, submitted :

Initial visit :

"The False Prophet!"

Subsequent visits :

"To welcome you back, False Prophet!"

"To welcome you to my place of cooking."

"To offer you the best food in all the world!"

food :

If not at shop :

"To not have food on me. To have you visit my shop."

If at shop :

"Yes, yes! To offer you this finely roasted meat!"

With a few strokes of his huge knife, the gargoyle cuts you a slice of meat.

Do you take the meat?

yes-You/Your party eat/eats the profferred food.

The flavor is unlike anything you've had before.

If Iolo in party :

Iolo speaks. "I wonder what sort of meat this is, <Avatar Name>."

The gargoyle beams with pride. "To ask you: Is it not the best meat you have ever eaten?"

no-"To be saddened by your not liking!"

"To know of no finer cooker of horseflesh than myself!"

hors,meat :

"To be famous among all gargoyles for the quality of my horseflesh!"

name :

"To be called Foodmaker, not having a name yet."

"But to be the finest cook in the land!"

"To receive a name someday soon for my skill!"

good :

"The goodscrafter? To be pathetic!" the huge gargoyle scowls.

"To have self-pity, when strength and long work will give success!"

"To wish to hear no more about that creature."

job :

"To cook and serve food for all the gargoyles who live in these parts!"

"Also to guide and instruct the wingless ones in cooking chores."

wing :

"To have to watch their every move!"

"But to acknowledge that they are vital to our society."

bye :

"To welcome you to come back when you are hungry again!"


"To give you some fine horseflesh to take with you on your trip!"

Do you accept his gift?

yes-The chef gives you # horse chop/s.

no-"Well then, to save it here for you!"

wine,bunc,grap,plan :

"Well, yes, of course to have that as well."

"But to be famous for my roast horseflesh!"

"To offer you some of this fine food!"

other :

"To not know what <Last Input> is."

"But to gladly cook it for you if you tell me the recipe!"