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a sly looking fellow, dressed in rags.


"Hello my good man/woman!"

name,who,susp :

"He glances around quickly, to see if anyone seems to be listening. "I'm Lord British. But don't tell anyone."

"I'm in disguise so I can mingle with the commoners."

job :

"I'm pretending to be a beggar. That way nobody will suspect who I really am. Here, give me a few coins to keep anyone from getting suspicious."

ming,comm :

"Of course, nobody would dare say anything bad about me to my face. Nobody except Chuckles, anyway."

"But as a beggar, people will tell me just about anything!"

chuc :

"He's in disguise too, you know. He's really Blackthorn."

blac :

"I decided banishment was too harsh for him, so I brought him back and made him my jester."

"The real Chuckles is tied up in my dungeons. I got tired of him making fun of my nose."

bani,hars,jest,tied,dung :

"I'm Lord British, and I can do whatever I want to!"

disg :

"Very convincing, don't you think? I made it myself."

loan,roya,trea :

"I've got forty million crowns. Not to mention my secret bank accounts."

ment,secr,bank,acco :

"I told you not to mention that!"

lord,brit,beg :

"I'm really Lord British. I can prove it to you. I know all of the eight mantras, and where the runes are, too!"

eigh :

"I killed a dragon when I was eight, you know. With my bare hands, too!"

kill,drag,bare,hand :

"He was a big one - but he hadn't reckoned with the likes of me. I was a tough kid."

reck,toug,kid :

"I was so tough he couldn't chew me, and he had to spit me out. That's when I killed him."

mant :

"Ok, here are the mantras:

justice - do

compassion - re

honor - mi

valour - fa

spirituality - so

humility - la

sacrifice - ti

Gosh, wouldn't you know it? The Mantra of Honesty slips my mind at the moment..."

rune :

"I'll tell you this, because you look like someone who can keep a secret."

"I sent out eight fake runes to all the lords, to fool everybody."

"I put all the real ones in a little box, and hid it under my throne."

"You can't see it there, because I turned it invisible!"

thro,box,invi,fool :

"A clever trick, or my I'm not Finn!"

finn :

"Oh, that's just the name I'm pretending to go by. Of course you know I'm really Lord British."

"I can see you're too smart to be fooled by this disguise."

bye :

"If you need me later, I'll be at the Blue Boar, disguised as the tavernkeeper."

"But I won't admit to it there if you ask me... Too many people that might hear."

If Shamino in party :

You see Shamino smiling - an unusual sight.

Noticing your attention, he says "Perhaps there's a little of Lord British in us all."

other :

"Oh, I know all about that. But I think you'd be better off if you learned about it on your own."

Do you give him any money?

no-"Broke, are you? Well, come by after I'm done with this disguise,and I'll give you a loan from the royal treasury."

yes-How much do you give?

Too much :

You don't have that much.

Have enough :

He takes the money. "Good. I'll get this back to you later."