Farmer Nash

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Farmer Nash


a gaunt, tired-looking winged gargoyle.


If not learned Gargish :

"The gargoyle screams, "An-bal-sil-fer! Des-lem, klep lem!"

If learned Gargish, not submitted :

"The gargoyle screams, "The False Prophet! Workers, attack!"

If learned Gargish, submitted :

Subsequent visits :


Initial visit :

"To be amazed!"

"To greatly admire your nobility, False Prophet."

"To honor my people with your sacrifice!"

"To ask your name, that I may address you as you deserve?"

"To be honored by your visit, <Given Name>"

name :

"To be named Nash Us-arb-vas-lem, Nash the Leader of Farmers."

job :

"To lead the wingless ones, the worker gargoyles who tend these fields."

"But to have little fortune in my harvests."

lead :

"To try to give the wingless ones free reign, but to be forced to guide them in their work."

wing,free :

"To be far kinder to the wingless ones than most of my kind."

"To feel that the wingless ones should not be enslaved simply because they lack our intelligence."

harv,fort :

"To be forced, on occasion, to tend the fields myself because of the harshness of the times."

"To wish my fields were as productive as those of Farmer Krill, my neighbor to the west."

kril :

"To be ashamed that Farmer Krill treats his workers so harshly."

"To be appalled by his lack of concern for their thoughts and feelings."

bye :

"To have been greatly honored by this conversation, noble <Avatar Name>."

other :

"To confess difficulty in understanding your accent. To inquire what <Last Input> means?"