Farmer Krill

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Farmer Krill


a large, healthy-looking winged gargoyle.


If not learned Gargish :

The gargoyle screams, "An-bal-sil-fer! Des-lem, klep lem!"

If learned Gargish, not submitted :

The gargoyle screams, "The False Prophet! Workers, attack!"

If learned Gargish, submitted :

Subsequent visits :


Initial visit :

"To note that you wear the Amulet of Submission."

"To admire your courage and to appreciate your sacrifice."

"To ask your name, that I may address you in a noble manner?"

"To greet you, <Given Name>."

name :

"To be named Krill Us-arb-vas-lem, Krill the Leader of Farmers."

job :

"To lead the wingless ones, the worker gargoyles who tend these fields."

"To have great fortune in my harvests!"

lead,firm,guid,dire :

"To be forced by necessity to give the wingless ones no room for choice or freedom."

Beh :

"Beh Lem? To be but a child. To someday grow wings just like his father, Scholar Valkadesh."

"To not understand what you mean."

valk :

"To admire the wisdom of Scholar Valkadesh, but to consider his studies unseemly."

stud :

"To abhor his continued study of the accursed humans!"

The gargoyle pauses, embarrassed.

"To mean no offense to you, <Avatar Name>."

"To acknowledge the nobility of your sacrifice."

"To consider you a great credit to your race!"

room,choi,free :

"To acknowledge that it may seem harsh, but to assure you that there is no other way to treat the wingless ones."

"To receive good harvests only through firm control and clear direction."

wing :

"To consider them valuable members of society who need firm control and strong leadership."

"To explain that they are far less intelligent than you or I."

good,harv,fort,cont,clea,dire :

"To receive bountiful harvests thanks to the efforts of my well-directed workers."

"To feed my workers far better than misguided Farmer Nash to the east does."

nash :

"To be ashamed that Nash lacks common sense."

"To be appalled by his uncontrolled heart and undirected mind."

"To point out his unproductive fields as an example of why the wingless ones need firm guidance."

bye :

"To have greatly enjoyed this conversation, noble <Avatar Name>."


To ask what you mean by <Last Input>?"